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iPhone 6 designer cases with Swarovski crystals by Ayano Kimura

  • BMT-Simple is Beautiful

    BMT-Simple is Beautiful Collection, our best selling cases with elegant designs, encrusted with Swarovski crystals. For iPhone 6.

  • BMT-Extravaganza

    BMT-Extravaganza Collection, cases fully encrusted with Swarovski crystals for iPhone 6.

  • BMT-Métallique

    BMT-Métallique Collection, sleed faux leather cases with a combination of metallic studs and Swarovski crystals for iPhone 6.

  • BMT-Petite Couturière

    BMT-Petite Couturière Collection, cases with beautiful floral embroidery combined with black faux leather for iPhone 6.

  • BMT-Vogue

    BMT-Vogue Collection, the most luxury case for iPhone 6, fully encrusted with Swarovski crystals.


    AYANO-GLAM! Collection, fashion case with faux fur and crystals, for iPhone 6

  • AYANO-Expression

    AYANO-Expression Collection

    Ultra-clear PC & TPU hybrid case with contrasting matt UV varnish pattern for iPhone 6.

  • AYANO-Mosaic

    AYANO-Mosaic Collection, translucent hard cases for iPhone 6

  • AYANO-Primo

    AYANO-Primo Collection, Flip Cases for iPhone 6

  • AYANO-Motoki

    AYANO - Motoki Collection, Cases for iPhone 6