Pantone iPhone Cases ‘Marsala’ Hot Color Trend of Spring ’15

The start of 2015 unveiled the latest Pantone Color of the Year as the shade Marsala, an earthy wine red. This stunning and sophisticated shade is rich and wearable unlike the past years choices that included Radiant Orchid and Emerald. This stylish tone speaks volume with fashion trends, makeup looks and even iPhone cases. The seductive shade draws us in with its warmth and alluring tone. Clothes and accessories in the warm reddish-brown tone will emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.

We’ve rounded up some of the hottest trends to help you flaunt the warm Marsala shade in your wardrobe this season.

pantone iphone case

pantone iphone cases

Runway Marsala Color Trend

Named after the choice of wine, Marsala is the perfect color trend to wear out day or night. Plenty of fashion designers are opting for the Pantone Color of the Year to make a runway statement. The earthy wine red shade is flattering against many skin tones and can create a dramatic look. If you’re puzzled on creating a Marsala look, keep in mind Pantone iPhone case is recommended to pair the color with neutral shades such as warm taupes and grays, or bright shades such as yellows and greens.

For your own fashion-savvy take on Marsala, get inspired by the Chanel Métiers D’Art Paris-Salzburg 2015 Collection. The leader of the fashion world unveiled 2 bags that embark on the warm earthy richness of Marsala. The finly crafted bags brings an artisan design to the Chanel collection

trendy iphone casestrendy cases


Marsala Makeup Trends

The makeup world has taken advantage of the Pantone Color of the Year. Particularly Sephora has launched an exclusive collection with Pantone iPhone cases featuring the rich wine hue. While Marsala was a popular shade in the 90’s, it’s comeback has been worn by celebs including Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson and Kerry Washington. The lip color can come off as dramatic and vampy, but using a lipliner such as MAC Lip Pencil in Burgundy or MAC Lipstick in Diva will give a flat-matte appearance to accentuate the lips.

spring iphone case

spring iphone cases

Flora Elegance for iPhone 6 Plus

To encapsulate the Marsala Pantone Color of the Year, the perfect iPhone 6 Plus case by Bling My Thing is the Petite Couturière. The sophisticated embroidery design with detailed Swarovski® Crystals makes for the perfect faux leather case for iPhone 6 Plus. This designer case is created with a durable polycarbonate case in matte black for a sophisticated look. The Flora case is perfect addition to your Marsala color trend with the accent rich wine tones detailed on the case itself.

Flora Elegance for iPhone 6 Plus 3

Flora Elegance for iPhone 6 Plus 3 (2)

Must Have iPhone Cases For Every Savvy Business Woman

There’s a certain discerning style that comes along with being a go-getting, accomplished, and savvy business woman. They’re not necessarily into the current trends that mostly concern the youth and they’re not entirely into vintage and classic-looking pieces as well. They’re somewhere in between, and here at Bling My Thing, we perfectly understand where their true style lies.

iPhone 6 case women

Going to work everyday, lunch meetings, coffee dates, night outs in the city–these are just some aspects of the work-life balance that only savvy business women understand. And of course, they have to have the right accessories like mobile cases would match their busy lifestyle, while keeping their style oh-so chic and on point.

We’ve narrowed down our top recommendations for the stylishly modern woman on-the-go and here are our top three picks that combines mature taste with the right dose of elegance and functionality:


iPhone 6 Plus women

iphone 6 crystal case

The Bling My Thing Casino case for your iPhone is available in Mirage and Cosmopolitan–is the perfect blend of minimalist and chic style. It showcases a sassy twist to dapper style, featuring a Bowtie Crystal from Swarovski® and 4 round crystals that resemble buttons.

This case is a great match for women who want a simple, no-fuss casing for their iPhone that still has a bit of character and charm. Of course, this case goes beyond just looking chic. It’s made of highly durable polycarbonate that has anti-scratch properties, while keeping your phone safe and secure.

Primo – Blanco

iphone 6 plus leather case

Functional as it is super sleek and posh–the Ayano Primo Case in Blanco for iPhone 6 case women is the perfect companion for women who relate to having an organized and well put-together lifestyle. Its clean and slim case silhouette lends to a contemporary yet sophisticated aesthetic, suitable for women with a posh yet straightforward and uncomplicated taste.

It features a flip faux leather case, which has a protective screen viewer so you could easily see the time and important notifications without having to flip it open. Not only that, but it also a touch-sensitive sliding bar to answer calls or unlock also without needing to open it. And lastly, this smooth faux-leather case can also be used as a horizontal stand for watching videos, video chatting, or surfing the web hands free.


iphone 6 leather case

iphone 6 wallet

Our Primo Papillon Crystal case for iPhone 6 plus is a favorite among savvy corporate-chic women, who love to infuse their feminine sass and professional vibe altogether. And how could they not fall in love with this fabulous case? It presents a sleek textured faux leather flip case with a Butterfly crystal from Swarovski®, as well as Swarovski® crystals arranged in a curved and swirly pattern.

It’s indeed beautiful to behold and very practical to use thanks to its other features that includes slots for bank notes and cards. It can also be used as a horizontal stand to watch videos and other whatnot completely hands-free. Despite its slim design, it’s guaranteed to protect the front and back of your iPhone, while keeping it utterly stylish all the time.

How Materials & Coating Matter In Choosing Best iPhone Cases

More often than not, it’s the aesthetic value of an iPhone case that we use in deciding whether or not we’ll purchase it. It’s all about the design to the point that we sometimes neglect the importance of its quality and overall durability–or even just how much it can protect our iPhone as well.

But just how important are the materials and coating of a smartphone case and what do we need to look for in choosing a suitable casing? It’s very relevant to familiarize yourself with the most common types of materials and coating that make for a premium iPhone case, which would prove to be helpful the next time you invest in one.


TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

best iphone casesTPU is somewhere between a hard plastic and soft silicone, and also known as soft, jelly casing. The beauty of a TPU casing lies in its softness and flexibility, making for a durable bumper for iPhones. Its main functionality lies heavily on being able to protect a smartphone with its rubber-like texture and material. It has good shock absorption and impact resistance, which bodes well even when the phone is accidentally dropped.

However, one of the downside of a TPU case is how it turns yellowish over time. It’s just in the nature of this kind of material, in addition to the fact that it’s rather hard to create a crystal clear TPU case as well.

PC (Polycarbonate)

If you’re looking for a much clearer type of material than TPU, then PC would be the better choice. PC is also a kind of plastic, like the TPU, but is its complete opposite due to its hardness and non-flexible properties. Because of this, PC is deemed as the strongest type of plastic available and is also among the most expensive. The Ayano ‘Mosaic’ collection is a great example of transparent iPhone cases that are made of high-grade PC material. It is clearer, harder, and a whole lot durable.

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is also a kind of hard plastic. However, it is a much cheaper than PC since it’s not as durable and sturdy.

Hybrid (TPU + PC)

custom iphone case

Bling My Thing Expression is a perfect example of a hybrid case.

The combination of a TPU and PC casing, such as the Bling My Thing ‘Expression’ collection, fuses together its best assets together in one design. With the Expression best iPhone cases, the back part uses a very thin (0.04mm) PC material, while TPU is utilised for the side/bumper–making this very flexible yet highly durable. The bumper is obviously opaque as the back is crystal clear. Having a hybrid case such as this one guarantees better protection from accidental drops, sharp edges, dirt, smears, and also provides a chic aesthetic value as well.


UV Coating

designer iphone cases

The Bling My Thing ‘Wish’ design has high-grade UV coating, which protects it from scratches and unwanted marks.

UV Coating is among the most essential aspects of a reliable smartphone case. But what does it exactly do? First and foremost, it lends beneficial properties that protects your phone and case and preserves its polished and smooth finish. Such properties include wear or scratch resistance, anti-fogging, and even glare reduction. This limits the chances of your case having scratches whenever it comes close to a sharp-edged objects. The Bling My Thing ‘Wish’ best iPhone cases have quality UV coating, which keeps it safe from unwanted marks.


When it comes to casing pet peeves, don’t think you’re alone whenever it bugs you that you have dirt and fingerprint marks on your smartphone custom case. This is where the anti-smudge coating comes in, in order to prevent those unwanted smears and keep your case smooth, clean, and as slick-looking like it’s brand new.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making a worthy investment when it comes to choosing a suitable case for your iPhone. Decide which qualities you want to prioritize more and look into what material or coating it would best match.

Currently Trending: Shimmer Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

You may have it seen it on your favorite celebrities such as Beyoncé or Sarah Jessica Parker or perhaps on some of your most followed style bloggers, and have wondered to yourself—what are those glimmering jewelry-like accents?

Apparently, these metallic faux-jewelry tattoos are the new trend in vogue that’s slowly but surely gaining traction in the fashion industry. This fad was put into motion when it became a staple for music festival outfits. Soon enough, it made its way to fashion blogs and the red carpet as well. These metallic jewelry tattoos are definitely not new in the industry, but it’s only now that it’s marketed and mass-produced specifically as faux-jewelry and accessories.

Decorative Metallic Jewelry Tattoos:

These decorative jewelry tattoos designs generally come in metallic hues with designs that are mostly boho-chic. Such designs comprise of feathers, geometric and angular shapes and patterns, chains, ropes, and motifs and graphics derived from Greek, Egyptian, and Native American influences. As such, these can be easily applied onto the skin and be worn as regular jewelry pieces like bracelets, arm bands, rings, anklets, chokers, necklaces, and even as a regular body art accents.

Metallic Temporary Tattoos

You can mix and match (In Photo: Bling My Thing Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Glisser &  Losange Design)

Probably the best part about this is how they can stay on the skin for a couple of days, even reaching a week if you’re careful enough. It’s the perfect add-on, especially come spring and summer season, when it’s all about showing some gorgeous skin under the sun. The fact that they’re also water resistant is a big plus when hitting the beach or going outdoors.

Shimmer Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

Ready for the beach (In Photo: Bling My Thing Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Cygnus Design)

Ready for the beach (In Photo: Bling My Thing Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Cygnus Design)

And as with regular jewelry and accessories, these tattoos can be played around and mixed and matched with a wide range of everyday outfits. They can be used in a rather minimalist manner or just pile them all on according to your liking. It’s a fabulous means of expressing one’s sense of style and personality with the same glamorous and chic appeal of jewelry, and minus the committal part of a real tattoo.

Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

Keeping it chic (In Photo: Bling My Thing Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Glisser &  Rigel Design)

Keeping it chic (In Photo: Bling My Thing Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Glisser &  Rigel Design)

Just recently, Bling My Thing has just officially launched line of Temporary Tattoos that feature a wide range of designs and themes that you could choose from. So far, there are 13 gorgeously exquisite sets that comprise of several metallic tattoos that could be worn and adorned all over your body. Bling My Thing is all about the glam factor and these jewellery tattoos definitely put the “fab” in fabulous when it comes to effortlessly chic style for everyday wear.