Bling My Thing hits CeBIT in Hannover (2)

So…. we are back from CeBIT now. It was pretty hectic but we did achieve what we wanted: to let the world know who we are, and to show off our products! It was quite a surprise that many people knew us already – a lot of teenagers told us that they saw our blinged Xbox in the internet! I guess our Lara Craft Xbox was quite an inspiration :) So sweet. It was nice to talk to different people and tell our story…We just found 3 videos about us! Take a look!

A video from

Frankly, we almost got a heart attack when this Greenpeace guy started to swing the laptop around (happens around 2:27).
Imagine if it falls….!!!!

A German webblog introduces Bling My Thing (in German)Here are a few things about our MacBook Air which I failed to mention in my previous blog entry. May be you have read our
press release already? Here they are:1) There are only 20 pieces made in the world2) Each comes in an exclusive hard box
with the engraved serial number3) The price is 20,000 GBP.I would like to emphasise again, that this is a truly unique piece
of art. This is the first attempt to create a fusion between art, Swarovski crystals and gold. We will try to upload more
photos of this laptop in our homepage and further in this blog so that you could “feel” and “understand” what it is.If you
are in the London, please visit Selfridges in Oxford Street. You will be able to see our MacBook Air IN LIVE!!! We are starting
to produce the third one now – well, it really does take a long time to make.Sparkly yours,MOAB

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