Crystallized Beauty: Best Beauty Items to Match Your Fave Crystals!

Make-up is not something that makes a woman beautiful. It’s just a medium that women use to enhance their natural beauty even more so, and something that they could have fun and play with as well.

The same belief goes with our use of Swarovski® crystals, on which the Bling My Thing brand has become very widely known for to excel at. We take pride in knowing what stylish and fabulous women want and deserve with their smart phone accessories–and who can ever say no to something that sparkles and shines, right?

The application of makeup also adds more glow and brilliance to a woman’s features, further improving the innate beauty with different beauty items that’s already there as it’s being presented to the world. But do take note that putting makeup on isn’t necessarily done for other people because it’s more for the woman herself. And the same idea goes for our Swarovski® crystal-embellished cases that are especially made for today’s fabulous and fashionable woman.

This is why we’ve handpicked our own favorite makeup items that go hand-in-hand with the sparkling and shining beauty of our favorite colors of Swarovski® crystals. Here are our top recommendations of beauty products that would allow your beauty to shine and sparkle through just as much as these colored Swarovski® crystals have enhanced the beauty of our cases:




Nail art is all the rage nowadays and women are finding more and more ways to spice up their nails for every occasion! The Formula X Transformers Top Coats in Down to Earth provides a fabulous finish to your nails thanks to its striking and sparkling textures, creating a mesmerizing effect as though your nails are crystallized. And speaking of crystals, it also matches well with our Angel Mix line, which consists of mesmerizing crystal colors of White Opal, Crystal Moonlight, and Crystal Aurore Boreale. Bling My Thing came up with the Angel Mix line of shiny and ethereal-looking crystals, which are perfect for the elegant and savvy woman who have a fascination for white and nude tones.




Forget about feeling blue because these Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in varying shades of blue would definitely uplift your spirit and style. The best thing about these eye pencils is how it allows you to be a little bit more dramatic and artsy when it comes to experimenting with your eye makeup. We’ve already handpicked these shades: (l-r) Electric, Deep End, Abyss, and Chaos, which perfectly complements our range of Blue Mix Swarovski® crystals that consist of Light Sapphire, Capri Blue, Aquamarine, and Sapphire. This selection of cool blue crystals certainly add a soothing and stylish touch to our cases in the same way these eye pencils inject a subtly playful vibe to any look.




If a sun-kissed glow is what you’re after, then the Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light is exactly what you need. Besides going well with our gold tone crystals, it also possesses a Photo-luminescent Technology that gives off a more natural-looking bronze illumination to your skin. Our line of gold mix crystals, including Light Topaz, Light Colorado Topaz, Crystal Golden Shadow, Topaz, and Smoked Topaz, offers a very sophisticated finish to our cases, which epitomizes what it’s really like to have “blinged” accessories. And with the use of this bronzing powder, you can now look sophisticatedly golden as well… and quite literally so.




Get in touch with your ethereal and earthy side with this Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette in 15 Sage GreenHighly recommended for brunettes and women with olive and dark complexions, this combination of green, light green, natural, and brown, brings about a certain harmonious and calm look for your eyes. This comes as a must-have, especially with how it also perfectly coordinates with our green mix Swarovski® crystals in Fern Green, Emerald, and Peridot. These rich shades of green never fail to inject an air of regal and opulent touch to any style, as well as a more unique appeal compared to more commonly used colors.




Sweet, sensual, feminine, and utterly alluring–this is what the Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum represents, which makes it even more suitable for our gorgeous pink mix tone crystal colors as well. Our Light Rose, Indian Pink, and Fuchsia crystals shine a very feminine light to our cases and in any other accessories it’s embellished on. And women who prefer a softer and more ladylike approach to their scent and style would likewise appreciate the beauty and appeal of this perfume. It’s all about love and romance at first sight with this bestselling fragrance from Dior.




One of the most powerful tool in a woman’s arsenal (or makeup kit) is the perfect red lipstick. Lo and behold, we’ve found it in the form of this Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Sheer F-Bombwhich possesses all that you love about the red lipstick but with a sheer and shiny finish this time around. It’s just as bewitching and eye-catching as our red tone crystals in Light Siam, and is guaranteed to easily transform your look from drab to fab!

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Get in Style with the Best iPhone 6 Cases Vogue Collection Review

Living the life of luxury and glam is all about the bling! Bling My Thing know how to style a fully crystallized iPhone case to take with you to parties, nightclubs and events. Fashion guru Natalie Lorence reviews the Vogue Collection by Bling My Thing, in her words she describes it as “the most stunning and spectacular”. The collection is nothing but exquisite with more than 500 pieces of tiny Swarovski® crystals.

As Natalie mentions in her review, the name of the collection says it all. ‘Vogue’ epitomizes sheer elegance and a sophisticated look. She showcases a total of 5 designs all with 500 crystals, some of which she highlights with a gradient effect on the best iPhone  6 cases.

If you’re not familiar with Natalie, she is a true beauty with an eye for fashion. Born and raised in Moscow, she’s a world traveler with an appreciation for art and fashion. She has worked in short films and TV commercials. She keeps busy with her makeup artistry business when she’s not acting.

Best iPhone 6 Cases

Her in-depth review about the cases highlights 5 from the Vogue Collection for iPhone 6 with a stunning array of crystal embedded best iPhone 6 cases, the collection features 8 designs and color combinations embellished with crystals from Swarovski® carefully placed with unmatched brilliance. Each fashionable case catches the light and reflect like diamonds with perfection and purity with the highest quality available.

Best iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Her favorite is the prism design iPhone case which she shows as “absolutely stunning” since it looks different in various lighting. She also demonstrated the pouch which comes with the iPhone case to help protect each device.

The Vogue Collection is Natalie’s favorite, as she even tried the case on her own personal iPhone and completely falls in love. It’s no wonder why this collection is one-of-a-kind!

Look like a Rock Star with the stylish iPhone 6 Plus Cases Métallique Collection

If you’re looking for a minimalistic iPhone 6 hard case design, look no further than the Métallique Collection. One of our more trend-setting designs featuring metallic studs and Swarovski® Crystals–exemplifying Bling My Thing’s excellent craftsmanship and design. As reviewed by the fashion guru Natalie Lorence, this collection is perfect for a contemporary look to your iPhone case.

For a little information about Natalie, she has been in the TV industry as an up and coming actress currently based in South East Asia. She has worked in short films, feature films and TV commercials which gives her a vast knowledge about style and fashion. As a makeup artist, she understands color and design schemes which creates a unique creative look.

In her review video, Natalie displays all 3 of the designs from the Métallique collection. The collection is for the minimalist who love the matte look and feel, decorated with small crystals and metal studs to make the material more sturdy and edgy looking. The matte look is much easier to grab as she explains, the casing is made out of durable PU leather with its embellishment in metallic studs and Swarovski® crystals. The case as she explains ‘doesn’t have the wear and tear as normal leather would’.

Stylish iPhone 6 Plus Cases

It comes in 4 choices in faux-leather and leather finished for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases: Cosmic Storm, Solar Flare, Polar Blizzard, and Meteor Shower.

Since the faux-leather is more durable than real leather, this makes the case collection more edgy and sophisticated for those looking to add a bit of rock star appeal to their cases!

A Brief Overview of Your Beloved Bling Items Over Time

Bling /bliNG/ — noun; denoting expensive, ostentatious clothing and jewelry, or the wearing of them.

When we hear or read the word “bling,” we immediately think of sparkling and extravagant things. And even though the term itself is relatively new to the dictionary, having added shimmer and sparkle on material things have long been present, especially in the world of fashion.

It’s really quite interesting to take a look back on how “blinging” various have evolved and progressed over the years. Of course, this enduring trend has been the very basis of how Bling My Thing came to be as well. Join us as we take a short walk through history and see how bling items and crystallizing have changed the landscape of fashion over time.

Crystal Timeline

Crystal timeline from 1895-2015

Here’s a breakdown of the story so far: 

1895 – It was during this year that a son of a glass cutter, Daniel Swarovski, founded Swarovski with the help of Armand Kosman and Franz Weis. The Swarovski company helped in catapulting the production and popularization of crystal glass with their own patented machines.

1990 – Swarovski’s popularity continued to grow and it was around this time that they came up with crystal figurines, which became highly popular among collectors.

2000 – Bling My Thing began experimenting in crystal customization using Swarovski Crystals on various luxury items from brands such as Sony, Pentax, and Microsoft, among many others. The most notable and extravagant of which is the ‘blinging’ of the Royal Mini Cooper, which was put on display at the Swarovski Flagship Store in London, England.

2010 – There’s a steady growth of ‘blinged’ items in the market as more and more designers are delving into crystal customization for different merchandise, including personal items.

2011 – There’s a sudden influx of crystal-embellished mobile phone cases as manufacturers take advantage of this popular trend. A lot of these utilized Swarovski Crystals for cases of different phone models.

2012 – While crystal embellishments and accents aren’t exactly new in the world of fashion, it was this year that the use of Swarovski Crystals on clothes, shoes, and accessories have become even more prominent. Prada, for one, have released a version of their Saffiano Vernice tote with luxurious crystal design.

2013 – Swarovski teams up with famed Parisian jewellery designer, Shourouk, for the brand’s Secret Treasures Collection that featured necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and cuffs.

2014 – Crystallised designs are all the rage in the fashion industry as more and more celebs are spotted sporting this exquisite trend. In the featured photo, Rihanna was seen working the red carpet for the CFDA Awards in 2014 wearing an Adam Selman creation, which showcased a scandalously sheer dress with about 230,000 Swarovski Crystals spread all throughout the dress, gloves, and headpiece.

2015 – This year brought about an even more prosperous partnership between Bling My Thing and Swarovski, as they have successfully penetrated the luxury accessories industry with top of the line mobile phone cases with Swarovski Crystal embellishments. Bling My Thing has also managed to evolve into a global brand that’s being recognized as among the pioneers in the utilization of Swarovski Crystals.

Among the most popular and in demand crystal-embellished cases of Bling My Thing include the Milky Way collection, Extravaganza collection, Vogue collection, and the Cascade collection.