A Closer Look at the Extravaganza Cool iPhone 6 Plus Cases Collection

Our Extravaganza Collection for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has always been one of our best-sellers. And how could it not be? It’s simply stunning with its abundance of Swarovski® Crystals that make it shimmer and shine from every angle. Just ask our resident style guru Natalie Lorence on her thoughts about this collection–or better yet, watch this video below:

Natalie Lorence is actually an up and coming actress based in Southeast Asia. But when she’s not harnessing her craft, she’s also a style consultant and makeup artist as well. We showed her our Extravaganza Collection to get her feedback and it seems as though it was a win for this Russian beauty.

Swarovski iPhone 6 Case

Our Extravaganza cool iPhone 6 plus cases Collection is named as such for a reason–simply because it really is extravagant and grandiose by nature. While some women want a more minimalist take on style, there are those who are fearless and bold when it comes to pushing the boundaries of fashion and won’t hesitate on taking it to the next level. And this is exactly for whom the Extravaganza Collection is created and designed.

Cool iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Thanks to exactly 210 pieces of SS16 Xillion Rose Swarovski® Crystals embedded onto each metallic case, your cool iPhone 6 plus cases are bound to be a standout among the crowd. There’s no mistaking just how extravagant this case is, since you can easily be spotted even from afar when you use it for your iPhone. And as Natalie mentioned, you can choose to have the regular ones or opt to have a case with a heart pattern on it. But regardless of your choice, you’re sure to have an elegant and absolutely stunning case for your iPhone.

Top 5 Bling My Thing iPhone 6 Cases

The iPhone has always been known to have a sleek and trendy design. While all iPhone are created equally the same, we can set ourselves apart from the masses with a cool Bling My Thing iPhone 6 case. Besides protecting your favorite Apple product, a creatively designed iPhone case will give you a fashionable way to accessorize your gadget. Bling My Thing offers a variety of cases from animal print to dazzling Swarovski Crystal designs. By personalizing your device, everyone is looking to show off their unique personalities and trends to make a unique statement.

Swarovski iPhone 6 caseWe’ve rounded up some of the most stunning iPhone 6 cases that will give a fresh and creative designer look to your boring old phone. With so many stunning iPhone 6 cases in the market, we’ve picked the Top 5 Best cases to keep your mobile device indestructible yet creative.

Slim, Translucent, Hard Case in Mosaic Ice

Silver iphone 6 caseTransparent hard cases are perfect paired with any shade of iPhone color back. If you love the original color of your mobile device, the MOSAIC ICE (WHITE) BY AYANO is a translucent back cover can protect it from scratches while still showing off your iPhone color. The hard case fits the iPhone securely and snug while the eye-catching mosaic design creates a unique touch. The case adds a little weight to the iPhone to protect it from slipping and damaging while being completely comfortable to hold.

Pure Luxury! Vogue Case in Brilliant Gold 

Vogue-1If you’re looking to turn heads, the Pure Luxury Bling case is created with 534 pieces of illuminating rose crystals. The Brilliant Gold gradation offers a individualistic touch to the case mixed with 3 varying hues of crystals. If you’re constantly dropping your iPhone 6, this case can handle drops and scratches without damaging the case. The reinforced case absorbs any impact a fatal drop might have without losing any reinforced crystals as most cheaper cases do. The side ridges help to improve the grip of your slim mobile device while looking luxurious in stunning light refracting crystals.

Super Functional Primo Nero: Black Horizontal Flip Faux Leather Case

Primo flip case iPhone 6For the professional woman or the sophisticated man in your life, a simple flip faux leather case is ideal to keep your iPhone secure yet versatile for the office. While most cases are for the fashion-savvy, a sleek book-style case can offer convenience while traveling without damaging or scratching the touch screen. The lightweight case is covered with a faux leather flap that protects the screen. The window exposes the touch screen so that you can quickly unlock the iPhone and view the screen without flipping the case open.

 Cute Black Zebra Case

zebra iPhone 6 CaseFor the party girl in you, animal print designs can be paired with just about any evening outfit to add a dazzling touch. The fun and trendy Zebra inspired rhinestone case offers a chic eye-catching appeal to any fashionista. The bold zebra strips are created with faux fur and diamond-like crystals securely fitted onto a polycarbonate case to prevent falling out. Combined with high quality crystals, the iPhone 6 case maintains a sturdy and durable case to keep your phone looking cute and protected at the same time.

Métallique Collection in Polar Blizzard

white iPhone 6 CaseFor the minimalist in you, a matte white iPhone 6 case with faux leather and metal studs is a simple yet sleek style to carry around. This modern take on the fashion statement is sleek yet sophisticated with its trendy pattern design. The heavy duty durable case embellished with metal studs creates a mainstream Rockstar look paired with your studded belt and handbag. Celebrities and designers have all embraced the metal stud trend, you can spot them on the runway on clothing and accessories. This is one trend that will never go out of style.

The Ultimate Hipster iPhone Cases for Fashionistas

Hipster (hip·ster; /ˈhipstər/) — noun; defined as a person who is usually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns (e.g. as in fashion).

For the most part, the youth of today (a.k.a. the millennials) are heavily influenced by the hipster subculture. This subculture refers to having a strong preference for non-mainstream or alternative lifestyle–whether it pertains to food, music, fashion, and even political views, among many other aspects.

floral iphone 6 case

Flora Elegance for iPhone 6 with beautiful floral embroidery design with Swarovski® crystals on black, textured faux leather.

More often than not, a hipster is defined by one’s choices in fashion. It’s having a more unique taste that sets them apart from the mainstream crowd, and even having a rather organic, vintage, and Bohemian-inspired aesthetic. And here at Bling My Thing, we do understand that thirst for a more distinctive and individualistic style–and this is why we’re bringing you the Bling My Thing Petite Couturière Collection for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Flora series is the first design series of the Petite Couturiere Collection by Bling My Thing.

Flora series is the first design series of the Petite Couturiere Collection by Bling My Thing.

So what sets these iPhone cases from our Petite Couturière Collection–and more importantly, what makes it the ultimate iPhone cases for hipster fashionistas? The main foundation of its exceptional beauty lies in its production–from the raw materials, to designing, and onto its execution through intricate embroidery.

Floral iPhone 6 Plus cases

Floral embroidery design, Pitite Collection for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases

The Petite Couturière collection easily stands out with its chic embroidery design. The Flora series is the first design series of the collection and features a Japanese-inspired floral design set against a faux leather material in matte black. It also has three gorgeous and exquisite hues: Flora Sophistication, Flora Vivacity, and Flora Elegance.

This design alone stands out from the rest of what Bling My Thing has to offer. Instead of heavily relying on Swarovski® Crystals as its main design component, the intricate embroidery takes centerstage with this collection and added with lesser hints of Swarovski® Crystals. The case itself is made from durable polycarbonate that provides quality protection for your iPhone, alongside its anti-scratch surface.

The Flora series from our Petite Couturière Collection is a perfect match for hipster iPhone cases for fashionistas looking for a more individualistic casing for their iPhones. The sophisticated chic combination of embroidery injected with Swarovski® Crystals makes for a beautiful alternative to common iPhone case designs that are sold in the market today.

A Guide to Swarovski iPhone Cases

A bling-tastic mobile case can either look premium and high-quality or very cheap and tacky. The difference between the two is using genuine Swarovski® crystals for your phone case. All of Bling My Thing’s iPhone cases are made with Swarovski® crystals, the finest quality crystals that you can find anywhere. Our cases are synonymous with the Swarovski brand for unmatched brilliance and consistent quality crystals.

To understand the quality of our Swarovski iPhone cases, you have to first learn about the crystals used to create our unique and fashionable cases.

Swarovski iPhone Cases

Good Setting Vs. Bad Setting

What makes a high quality iPhone case different from any other cheaply made design is the layout and design of the Swarovski® crystals. What makes the crystals last longer and protect it from falling out is  the setting.

Bling My Thing Swarovski® crystal cases are individually glued into a specific setting instead of gluing on top of a flat surface. Cases that glue crystals on a normal hard shell case will fall off much more easily and collect more dust making it look cheap.

Here is a look at a comparison between 2 types of cases with crystals.

Swarovski iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Good Setting Vs. Bad Setting

Swarovski Cases

Sample Of Cheap Crystal Case (No Well-Prepared Platform)

High Quality Craftsmanship

Swarovski® crystals is a world renowned brand name associated with maximum brilliance with top-notch cutting method for making Austrian crystals. With such brilliance in crystal quality, the application process on each Bling My Thing iPhone case ensures unmatched quality and craftsmanship.

Each crystal is hand-set by well-trained craftsman, individual pieces are placed in its very own setting to help minimize any chances of crystals being damaged or “scraped” off. The high quality, genuine gemstones has an elegant finish similar to a stunning jewelry piece.

Swarovski iPhone 6 Cases

Authentic Swarovski® Crystals

A genuine product made with authentic Swarovski® Crystals will include branding logo ‘Swarovski® crystals’ imprinted on each packaging and even on their other communications materials. There are 2 types of logos that certify and guarantee 100% authenticity of the Swarovski crystals used.

Old Logo vs. New Logo

If you are a fanatic of products made with Swarovski® crystals, you might be curious to know about the various logos used. The old logo states ‘made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’, while transitioning to the new logo is still in process it’s still valid and authentic. The old logo is replaced with a trendy and new logo stating ‘Swarovski® crystals’.

swarovski phone cases


swarovski crystal phone cases

Swarovski® crystals – [new-logo]