Match Your Fashionable iPhone Cases with your Looks for Fall/Winter 2015

After months of wearing light dresses and tank tops in the warm Summer weather, it’s time to get ready for Fall! This season is all about wearing deeper hues of browns, reds, jewel tones, grey and even black. Fashion designers for their Fall collections are influenced from the colors of fallen leaves with rich textures to keep you warm during the chillier months.

This Fall, More is More. It’s time to take out your coats and jackets that were tucked away at the back of your closet. To stay cozy with your wardrobe this season, stay up to date by revamping last year’s fashionable picks. No matter what’s in fashion, the tip to keep in mind is to stay comfortable and warm while being styled up. Here are the top 4 Fall Fashion Trends to match your wardrobe with!


  1. The Eclecticism

Designers such as Alessandro Michele at Gucci and John Galliano at Maison Margiela created stunning ‘Magpie‘ looks for Fall 2015 by incorporating old maxims of clashing colors and prints. This style is perfect for the chillier months with the eclectic prints and textures to create a compelling magpie outfit. Similar to the 90’s Trend of mismatching, this style is more cohesive in color scheme and similar textures. There are a few ways to tie the hodgepodge style together, such as a neutral tone jacket paired with printed scarf and iphone case


  1. The Goth Glam

fashion iphone cases

The Goth trend is back in style for Fall 2015. This season is incomplete without dark and deepened hues in your wardrobe. Fall 2015 Fashion Week showcased several designer runway collections incorporating deepened hues paired with the Pantone’s Color Of The Year ‘Marsala’ for a eclectic style.

While black is a timeless shade in fashion, theGoth style is head-to-toe in a dramatic outfit. Designers such as Alexander Wang, predominantly showcased a dark palette including classic combat boots, lace trimmed slip dresses and form-fitting jackets.


  1. The 21st-Century Mod

One of the Top Fashion trends for Fall 2015 is the 21st century thigh-skimming A-line shape. Designers such as Calvin Klein and Jonathon Saunders embraced the Mod 60’s trend with a 2015 take with neutral earth tones. With such shorter A-line skirts and dresses, layering with a jacket or thigh-high boots will keep you warm during the chilly season. Pair an A-line shape with layered pieces of turtlenecks, thigh high boots, blouses and slip dresses.fashionable iphone cases


4.  The Lolita

For the Bad Girl Gone Good- the Lolita is the perfect feminine touch to the Fall trend season. This style is perfect to combine playful dresses with pastel hues and lace. Baby-doll dresses with shorter cuts adds a flirty but more edgier take on the trend. One of the top trending Lolita-style Fall runway collection was Prada‘s boxy, coquettish baby-doll dresses in shades of blush pink. While Valentino added a soft-grunge take on the baby-doll dress with shades of olives and navy paired with combat boots and contrasting accessories. This style can easily be added to your wardrobe to make a Fall statement.

swarovsi iphone case


These trendy fashion styles for Fall 2015 is perfect to update your wardrobe with the latest styles straight from the runway!

5 New Designs of Paradise Shine Crystal iPhone Cases Collection for Fall 2015

If you just recently purchased an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus, chances are you’re looking for a new protective case to make your device look stunning. If you love the look of your device in all of its aluminum and glass/ceramic state, stunning metallic or clear cases with accent Swarovski® Paradise Shine Crystals iPhone cases will compliment the brilliant iPhone design.

With the new Fall fashion season in trend, Bling My Thing has released 5 New Designs of Paradise Shine Crystal iPhone Cases Collection for 2015. These protective cases are embellished with Paradise Shine Crystals offering a new multicolored surface effect truly lives up to the name crystal paradise shine.

As a new crystal color from Swarovski for 2015, Paradise Shine Crystals embodies bold hues such as purple, blue and green combined to create an explosion of color that is as vibrant and energetic as it is artistic. Embellished on BMT cases, these are designed to shield the device from scratches, drops and dents while resembling the flash of a diamond. Each of these cases reflect an updated design with Swarovski® Crystals embedded onto the cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The designs are exclusively available on Let’s take a closer look.

Crystal iPhone Cases

crystal iPhone 6 cases

1) iPhone 6 Plus: Extravaganza Silver – Pure Paradise Shine Crystals

From the Extravaganza Collection for iPhone 6 Plus, the Paradise Shine case is sized at 5.5″ which measures precisely to your device. Pure Paradise Shine is the perfect Metallic Silver case with its slim and durable qualities to preserve a light weight and elegant design of the device itself. The detailed individual crystal setting allows for every crystal to ensure an excellent hold. The Extravaganza Cases are known for its use of Xirius Rose crystals (5mm) to achieve the maximum light refraction for a multi-colored metallic surfaces of purple, blue and green.


2) iPhone 6: Extravaganza Silver – Pure Paradise Shine Crystals

designer iPhone casesSimilar to the Pure Paradise Shine for iPhone 6 Plus, Extravaganza Cases for iPhone 6 are made with the same design and easy access to all ports and buttons. Measuring at 4.7″, the stunning iPhone 6 Metallic Silver case is created with almost 200 Swarovski® Crystals embedded onto the back of the case. This design is perfect to add shimmer and sparkle to your device while keeping a sophisticated and classy look. As an exclusive case for Bling My Thing’s online shop, the fully crystallized über-bling design  is the most popular item for a glamorous yet stunning device. This silver case pairs perfectly with a golden or classic iPhone color.

3) iPhone 6 Plus: Milky Way – Paradise Shine Crystals

Another luxury case made with sturdy Swarovski® Crystals, the Milky Way (Paradise Shine) iPhone 6 Plus case is a subdued design compared to the Extravaganza Collection. The sleek design carries a beautiful array of scattered Swarovski® Crystals in a curved milky way shape pattern across the back of the case. The durable and sturdy polycarbonate casing allows you to use your device without fear of scratches and minor dents. The clear design is simple yet elegant if you want to display the original color of your iPhone 6 Plus. This case if perfect for the working woman who loves sparkle.

Swarovski iPhone 6 cases

4) iPhone 6: Milky Way – Paradise Shine Crystals

Swarovski iPhone 6 plus casesSimilar to the Milky Way design of the iPhone 6 Plus, the Paradise Shine Crystal case for iPhone 6 is the perfect match for your device. As one of the best-selling cases offered by Bling My Thing, the beautiful design is luxurious with its slim and sleek clear case. The scattered Swarovski® Crystals offers a 3D effect with the ultra-sparkly design while keeping a minimalistic look. The modern ultra-clear, durable polycarbonate case paired with glimmering crystals is perfect for everyday use.

5) iPhone 6: Vogue- Cosmic Paradise Shine

Saving the best for last, if you love extreme shimmer and sparkle this is the case for you! Vogue Cosmic Paradise Shine for iPhone 6 is embedded with 534 pieces of tiny Swarovski® Crystals for the extreme bling addict. The Metallic case uses SS9 Xilion Rose crystals (2.6mm) for the ultimate multicolored 3D reflection. The exclusive design refracts the maximum light that can be seen for miles! This special design holds every single crystal piece in place with individual setting to ensure excellent hold. This is one of the boldest and loudest bling design cases that you can find for iPhone 6.shiny iPhone cases

These new cases for Fall are perfect for upcoming events and parties. Whether you adore extreme bling or a minimal design, there is something for everyone with the new Paradise Shine Crystal collection.

What We Love about the Ayano-Glam! Best iPhone Case Collection

The best iPhone case collection that shimmers and sparkles, the Ayano Glam collection consists of 5 dazzling cases. The collection is perfect for animal print lovers with a silky faux fur surface featuring zebra stripes and leopard print. The glamorous fashion guru Natalie Lorence has reviewed the collection describing each case and the unique design.


View the video for a closer look at the Ayano-Glam Collection!

The Russian-born actress is passionate in the field of acting in many short and feature films as well as TV commercials. When she’s not busy jet-setting to different countries, she runs her very own make-up artist business. As a fashion expert with an eye for trend setting accessories, she explains in her review how the stunning crystals appear on the Ayano-Glam collection. Designed with intricate details of 1,496 tiny diamond-like point-back chaton crystals, it shines and sparkles in her video review.

best iPhone cases

Named after Bling My Thing’s chief designer Ayano, Natalie describes the collection as being the same high-quality material but a lot less crystals involved in the design. She further talks about how the glimmer of the design takes a back seat while the protective nature of the hard shell case takes center stage. The diamond-like crystals are filled on the case for a light-reflecting appearance.

The AYANO- GLAM collection is nothing more than absolutely stunning and perfect in every angle, the crystals are cut with precision and beautifully applied to the best iPhone case. All of the designs are created with transparent crystals. Natalie explains how the zebra, leopard and dazzle series crystal design is gorgeous on durable on the polycarbonate cases. The case fits perfectly on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices with easy access to all ports.

best iPhone case

The Ayano-Glam collection will bring out the wild side of you! The safari series has a leopard and zebra designs while the Dazzle Series is covered all over with crystals. The design catches the light very glamorously even from a far-away distance. The polycarbonate case is very smooth and protective under even the toughest situations. The edges are very sleek yet allow all access to each button and headset por.

This collection will surely catch your eye if you are a fan of all things glimmer!

Crystallized Beauty: Best Beauty Items to Match Your Fave Crystals!

Make-up is not something that makes a woman beautiful. It’s just a medium that women use to enhance their natural beauty even more so, and something that they could have fun and play with as well.

The same belief goes with our use of Swarovski® crystals, on which the Bling My Thing brand has become very widely known for to excel at. We take pride in knowing what stylish and fabulous women want and deserve with their smart phone accessories–and who can ever say no to something that sparkles and shines, right?

The application of makeup also adds more glow and brilliance to a woman’s features, further improving the innate beauty with different beauty items that’s already there as it’s being presented to the world. But do take note that putting makeup on isn’t necessarily done for other people because it’s more for the woman herself. And the same idea goes for our Swarovski® crystal-embellished cases that are especially made for today’s fabulous and fashionable woman.

This is why we’ve handpicked our own favorite makeup items that go hand-in-hand with the sparkling and shining beauty of our favorite colors of Swarovski® crystals. Here are our top recommendations of beauty products that would allow your beauty to shine and sparkle through just as much as these colored Swarovski® crystals have enhanced the beauty of our cases:




Nail art is all the rage nowadays and women are finding more and more ways to spice up their nails for every occasion! The Formula X Transformers Top Coats in Down to Earth provides a fabulous finish to your nails thanks to its striking and sparkling textures, creating a mesmerizing effect as though your nails are crystallized. And speaking of crystals, it also matches well with our Angel Mix line, which consists of mesmerizing crystal colors of White Opal, Crystal Moonlight, and Crystal Aurore Boreale. Bling My Thing came up with the Angel Mix line of shiny and ethereal-looking crystals, which are perfect for the elegant and savvy woman who have a fascination for white and nude tones.




Forget about feeling blue because these Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in varying shades of blue would definitely uplift your spirit and style. The best thing about these eye pencils is how it allows you to be a little bit more dramatic and artsy when it comes to experimenting with your eye makeup. We’ve already handpicked these shades: (l-r) Electric, Deep End, Abyss, and Chaos, which perfectly complements our range of Blue Mix Swarovski® crystals that consist of Light Sapphire, Capri Blue, Aquamarine, and Sapphire. This selection of cool blue crystals certainly add a soothing and stylish touch to our cases in the same way these eye pencils inject a subtly playful vibe to any look.




If a sun-kissed glow is what you’re after, then the Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light is exactly what you need. Besides going well with our gold tone crystals, it also possesses a Photo-luminescent Technology that gives off a more natural-looking bronze illumination to your skin. Our line of gold mix crystals, including Light Topaz, Light Colorado Topaz, Crystal Golden Shadow, Topaz, and Smoked Topaz, offers a very sophisticated finish to our cases, which epitomizes what it’s really like to have “blinged” accessories. And with the use of this bronzing powder, you can now look sophisticatedly golden as well… and quite literally so.




Get in touch with your ethereal and earthy side with this Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette in 15 Sage GreenHighly recommended for brunettes and women with olive and dark complexions, this combination of green, light green, natural, and brown, brings about a certain harmonious and calm look for your eyes. This comes as a must-have, especially with how it also perfectly coordinates with our green mix Swarovski® crystals in Fern Green, Emerald, and Peridot. These rich shades of green never fail to inject an air of regal and opulent touch to any style, as well as a more unique appeal compared to more commonly used colors.




Sweet, sensual, feminine, and utterly alluring–this is what the Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum represents, which makes it even more suitable for our gorgeous pink mix tone crystal colors as well. Our Light Rose, Indian Pink, and Fuchsia crystals shine a very feminine light to our cases and in any other accessories it’s embellished on. And women who prefer a softer and more ladylike approach to their scent and style would likewise appreciate the beauty and appeal of this perfume. It’s all about love and romance at first sight with this bestselling fragrance from Dior.




One of the most powerful tool in a woman’s arsenal (or makeup kit) is the perfect red lipstick. Lo and behold, we’ve found it in the form of this Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Sheer F-Bombwhich possesses all that you love about the red lipstick but with a sheer and shiny finish this time around. It’s just as bewitching and eye-catching as our red tone crystals in Light Siam, and is guaranteed to easily transform your look from drab to fab!

Visit and check out products embedded with various colored Swarovski® crystals.