AYANO Expression Collection for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

You know how they say, the most beautiful designs are created from simplistic artistic looks. With so many beautiful and creative designs coming of age, the latest trends with mobile devices starts with simplicity. Now it’s time to think thin with a slim protective case that shows off the sleek profile of your new iPhone.

With the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models , the elegant curves and thin shape of the Apple mobile device should be displayed instead of kept hidden. With such a thin iPhone, a protective case should look classy and sleek while also keeping the device in a safe hard shell.

AYANO has created a clear case that is tough enough to handle the daily use of your phone yet with a clear slim case. The Expression Collection offers you the versatility to show off your new phone which gives you access to controls and buttons comfortably.

What make these cases so special – in a nutshell:

  1. Excellent grip: because of TPU bumper, it is slip-proof. It will not easily come off your pocket (this happens often with a slippery hard case)
  2. No yellowing: for soft-case users, it’s been a problem that TPU cases tend to get yellow over time. Expressions cases consist mainly of a polycarbonate sheet, which remains crystal clear. TPU is used only at the edge, which is hardly visible.
  3. Clear case with a twist: you want a simple clear case but want to have something extra? Expression cases are perfect for you: the etched glass effect looks subtle, yet adds some accent to your iPhone 6.
  4. Flexible: unlike conventional polycarbonate cases, Expression cases fuse flexible polycarbonate sheet with TPU using the newest injection technology. It protects your iPhone 6 efficiently, yet leaving its appearance sleek.

Available in 2 types of styles; ultra clear case (no pattern – for absolute minimalist lover) and ultra clear case with design, including Rain, Zebra, Fiori, and Kiku.

Expression Expression-1

Collection for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

  • Expression Ice – Ultra clear Hybrid case – NO PATTERN
  • Expression Rain – Hybrid clear case in minimalistic “Rain” design
  • Expression Zebra – Hybrid clear case in cute “Zebra” design
  • Expression Fiori – Hybrid clear case in stylish “Fiori” design
  • Expression Kiku – Hybrid clear case in Japanese chrysanthemum “Kiku” design


100% Accurate Case Fit

Have you ever purchased a mobile case and find that it’s either too loose or too tight? Either way, a poorly fit iPhone case will not protect your device from unforeseen damages. As some cases are loose, the phone can slip out or make the controls of the phone inaccessible.

The Expression Collection for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect array of slim barely there designs that impacts a resistant hard shell to cover the back and controls of the device. With Bling My Thing iPhone and iPhone Plus cases are 100% accurate to the cut and design of your specific device. The precision openings from the protective case will allow you to easily access any controls or buttons on your device. The Expression collection cases are all created with a Hybrid Clear case so not only will your mobile look stunning but offer sturdy protection unlike other iPhone cases.



Protection from Bendgate and Dyegate

Recently iPhone damages have become quite common, while some cellular services offer a protection plan some might be unlucky to deal with damages without a new replacement device. Since we are essentially hooked on our mobile devices, a shock-absorption protective case is highly essential to offer thickness and sturdiness to any phone.

The specialty material of the Expressions Collection is designed using high-grade PC (polycarbonate) and TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) combined. The ultra thin PC sheet and covering coupled with TPU bumper creates a unique shield without the bulky weight.


The latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and ion-strengthened glass (which has been mentioned to be a heavy duty material which won’t shatter easily). Since Apple has stated that the materials used are sturdy enough, plenty of reviews on the devices say otherwise. The aluminum can bend easily and cause quite a few scratches, otherwise known as bendgate. Not to mention that the devices can become dyed as in dyegate in your jean pocket. Needless to say that a protective case is essential for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Review of the Extravaganza Collection for iPhone 6 Plus

Each year Apple unveils its newest technological advancement. With millions of dollars spent on research and development on the next mobile device, it’s no wonder why we end up loving the new iPhone handsets even more than the previous models. With the launch and excitement over the latest iPhone 6 Plus, the bigger and better version of the iPhone 6, spending hundreds of dollars on the device will lead you to look for the best product protection on the market.

Never will you find a iPhone 6 Plus user with a cheaply made mobile case. The latest iPhone 6 Plus calls for plenty of fashionistas looking for that perfect glitzy glam case to bling up their new mobile device. Look no further than with the Extravaganza Collection for iPhone 6 Plus.

With Bling My Thing’s Extravaganza Collection, it will match the stunningly gorgeous housing design of the iPhone 6 Plus. It should be a crime to use a cheaply made case for such a masterpiece of a device.

The slim and sleek design of the iPhone 6 Plus is perfect for a collection of cases that offer a little weight to the device and prevent it from slipping out from your hands. With various designs from the Extravaganza collection, you can find each of them in stunning Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver cases to match your personality.

Silver Metallic Cases

  • Extravaganza Pure Silver
  • Extravaganza Pure Light Rose
  • Extravaganza Silver with Gold Heart
  • Extravaganza Silver with Pink Heart

Gold Metallic Case

  • Extravaganza Pure Gold
  • Extravaganza Pure Crystal
  • Extravaganza Gold with Crystal Heart
  • Extravaganza Gold with Pink Heart


No More Scratches! Sturdy Product Casing

With Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, it’s 5.5-inch display and rounded sleek body has a very slippery feel when held. Even though Apple promises it’s “ion-strengthened” glass, the slim device can potentially slip out from your hands and fall onto a hard surface. Why take the risk of damaging your iPhone 6 Plus?

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty protective case that shields your delicate iPhone 6 Plus against every-day hazards, the Extravaganza Collection is created with a hard case made from high-grade import PC to prevent scratches, dents, cracks and smudges on your device.

The case will add a heavy, sturdy feel to your device that will not slips out of your hands. The slim lightweight case is comfortable with a soft surface embellished with 188 pieces of Swarovski Elements to give your iPhone 6 Plus a fashionable look while being protected.


Extravaganza Collection vs. Ordinary Cases

Ever noticed how most ordinary iPhone cases created with artificial crystals often are missing pieces?  With poor quality iPhone cases, the cheap material and quality causes the crystals to come off easily. With Bling My Thing, our embedded SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals are the most luxury and prestige cases made especially for your iPhone 6 Plus.

By using delicate Swarovski Elements, these sized crystals are embedded into the case instead of using cheap glue. By embedding each crystal, the high quality and durability is unbeatable compared to competitors.


Luxury Meets Fashion

When selecting a iPhone 6 Plus case, it’s important to consider the fashionable aspect of the design. Not only will you be sporting the case on a day to day basis, a durable and ultra sparkly case will look fabulous under any spotlight.


The stunning metallic finish featured on the Extravaganza Collection uses a electroplating plus matte UV coating on top for a fully blinged out look perfect for a night out. You won’t have to worry about the case becoming old or scratched up, the special UV coating seals in the metallic finish so it’s scratch-resistant and smudge-resistant.  Who wants a stunning case to be filled with dents and missing crystals? With Bling My Thing’s cases, its ultra durable and resistant to any damage.


With its ultra-stunning gold and silver metallic finish, the 188 pieces of intricately embedded Swarovski Elements SS20 cut brings you the most innovative and unique multilayer crystals cut in the market. The delicate shape and cut of the crystal allows more shine and sparkle to shine through. Each crystal is thoughtfully selected and carefully placed to create a unique shine and shimmer effect. The SS20 is 5mm in diameter for the most distinct glamorous look and one-of-a-kind appeal for any fashionista.

Collection Spotlight: Mosaic

It’s no secret that Bling My Thing is home to a number of fabulous iPhone cases. And with the recent releases of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we’re turning the spotlight on our collections available–starting with the beautiful Mosaic iPhone case.

Mosaic Cases for iPhone 6 in Gold

Mosaic Cases for iPhone 6 in Gold

Mosaic Cases for iPhone 6 in Grey

Mosaic Cases for iPhone 6 in Grey

Mosaic Cases for iPhone 6 in Silver

Mosaic Cases for iPhone 6 in Silver

The Mosaic case may look like your regular transparent iPhone case, but take a look again. There’s more to this must-have piece than meets the eye, starting with its mosaic-like design that gives off a more stylish and artsy touch to your iPhone without hiding the signature Apple logo and all of its other basic physical attributes. There’s a certain distortion thanks to the mesmerising cubic patterns, which also lends to its uniqueness as opposed to what you can find in the market.


But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there for the Mosaic iPhone case. For starters, it’s made of high-grade import PC (polycarbonate), which is as durable as it comes for plastic smart phone cases. No need to undermine its slim size because it does have the optimal thickness and strength to protect your iPhone, making it very appropriate for those who are not into the bulky kind of casing. Going beyond the frosted graphic design, it’s also textured that doesn’t allow for any smudge or scratch and a glossy and sparkly finish as well.

Let’s now take a look at the three available colors from this collection: Sakura, Ice, and Cappuccino–shall we?




Reminiscent of the feminine and sophisticated beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom, the “Sakura” is perfect for women who want a sweet and demure case to complement their ladylike style. It’s also reminiscent of Nicki Minaj’s cotton candy pink OPI nail polish, which is as girly as it can get in a subtle and dainty manner.




Minimalist-chic as its finest, the Ice case is a great partner for those who want to keep it simple and clean but still undeniably stylishly sleek. It’s basically much like the standard clear case, but its mosaic-like patterns provide more character as well as an artsy twist to it. Goes with just about any ensemble and any style, what more could you ask for?




Offbeat-styled iPhone aficionados with a penchant for darker hues will surely love the Cappuccino case. It takes on an edgier appeal that caters to those with a rather posh and avant-garde preference. Of course, the abstract cubic patterns also lend to completing this eccentric minimalist iPhone case. Here’s a couple of detail shots to further showcase the beauty of this design:

Volume Hole

Volume Hole

Close-Up of Mosaic Pattern

Close-Up of Mosaic Pattern

Camera Hole

Camera Hole

Beautiful, sleek and sexy, utterly sophisticated, and sturdy–the Mosaic iPhone case is a no-fuss and no-nonsense choice for stylishly practical users.

Animal prints for your wardrobes! Yeah or meh?

How many fashion accessories with animal prints do you have in your wardrobes? or do you even own some fabulous outfits with leopard and zebra prints?

They could make you look super hot or you could end up like….. hmmm, there are a plenty of MEH on the internet, if you Google…

I guess the colors of natural animal prints are so neutral, they go with everything. It is literally black, white, beige or brown… unless you are into some funky animal prints I don’t know about!

I was thinking of a list of celebrities who are often associated with animal prints….

The first person I thought of – Marilyn Monroe! From my favourite movie Gentlemen prefer Blondes (1953) ❤ So elegant, this is definitely YEAH!


Elizabeth Taylor – what a classic beauty, and how elegant she looks in her leopard swimsuit! Oh, I just found out from googling, Lindsay Lohan played Elisabeth Taylor in the film Liz & Dick! 4/10 score in IMDB… !


and here is Serena Williams, crushing her friends’ wedding with her wild leopard appearance! How did she come up with this idea, I wonder? The leopard is so perfect for her! So I would say, YEAH GIRL! hahaha

Serena Williams with leopard swimsuitSo enough of history…. the queen of animal prints – definitely Kate Moss for me! Definitely YEAH!

iphone6_leopard-kate-moss-bling-my-thingQueen B cannot be forgotten, too. Gorgeous! YEAH!

iphone6-leopard-beyonce-bling-my-thing2 iphone6-leopard-beyonce-bling-my-thing3 iphone6-leopard-beyonce-bling-my-thing

Kim Kardashian is often seen with animal prints…. This one… hmmm, not so sure. What do you think?

iphone6_leopard-kim-kardashian-bling-my-thingI like Olivia Palermo’s leopard look. Yeah! Snow leopard look is so elegant!


Some more of my favourite… (obviously ‘yeah’s!)

Halle Berry, do you EVER age? Love her newest TV series, EXTANT!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Balmain zebra outfits!

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Zebra Rosie Huntington Whiteley Zebra

I like Balmian but this bling zebra gown on Lindsay Lohan…. hmmmmm.


What do you think of animal prints on men? Kayne West with Givenchy bomber jacket.


Swizz Beatz & his studded Christian Louboutin leopard leather jacket.


Although her fashion choice is often disputed, I still love Nicki Minaj and she just looks cool with animal prints!

iphone6_nicki-minaj-givenchy-leopard-hair-bling-my-thingCheck out this leopard hair!!!!

My friend recently did leopard lips on a photoshooting… didn’t see the photo but it looks like this. Isn’t this cool or what?

pink-leopard-lips-bling-my-thing-iphone6Some cool animal print accessories…. here we go.

Jimmy Choo Odette Ponyskin bag in zebra pattern. Lovely!



Leopard iPhone 6 / 6 Plus case from Bling My Thing / Ayano. Faux fur with RockCrystals, yay!!













Zebra Bikini by Emilio Pucci. Stunning!












Need a pair of chic leopard sunglasses? by Prism.












Black / grey zebra iPhone 6 / 6 Plus case by Bling My Thing / Ayano. Black faux fur in contrast to sparkly black diamond crystals! A perfect case for a night out!












Ashley Olsen & her Louis Vuitton scarf – LOVE IT!













Leopard Heels – sexy! by Tabitha Simmons












Cute pink zebra case for iPhone 6 by Bling My Thing / Ayano. Pink faux fur is super cute!