A Deeper Appreciation of Petite Couturiere Floral iPhone 6 Plus Cases Collection

As its name suggests, the Petite Couturière collection for floral iPhone 6 plus cases are the true class act when it comes to its topnotch couture-inspired design. And to give you a glimpse of what it’s all about, we’ve tapped Natalie Lorence to be our fashion guru of choice, who will introduce the beauty of this exquisite collection:

For those of you who are not familiar with Natalie, she’s actually a Russian-born, up and coming actress based in Southeast Asia. And when she’s not busy looking into scripts and harnessing her acting chops, she’s also a make-up artist and fashion aficionado on the side as well.

Natalie understands that the Petite Couturière collection for floral iPhone 6 plus cases and iPhone 6 are all about the intricate details–from the beautiful embroidery design with hints of Swarovski® Crystals set in the center of the flowers to the sleek textured PU leather material, which helps in making the gorgeous floral design stand out even more so. This beautifully refined and chic case that features Japanese-inspired floral graphics comes in three colors–Flora Elegance, Flora Vivacity, and Flora Sophistication–and is available for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

floral iphone 6 case

It’s true that even with Bling My Thing’s signature grandiose designs, Petite Couturière proves to be an exception to the rule. It just shows how we’re dedicated to bringing the very best to women with different tastes and preferences.

floral iphone 6 plus casesThe Petite Couturière Collection is truly a work of art, especially looking closely on how its made. And while some of our more fabulous cases are perfect for women who are not afraid to be bold and take their outlandish style to the next level, this collection makes for  suitable choice for those who want a more subtle and refined feminine style, as well as something that’s more individualistic and even somewhat eccentric.


A Closer Look at the Extravaganza Cool iPhone 6 Plus Cases Collection

Our Extravaganza Collection for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has always been one of our best-sellers. And how could it not be? It’s simply stunning with its abundance of Swarovski® Crystals that make it shimmer and shine from every angle. Just ask our resident style guru Natalie Lorence on her thoughts about this collection–or better yet, watch this video below:

Natalie Lorence is actually an up and coming actress based in Southeast Asia. But when she’s not harnessing her craft, she’s also a style consultant and makeup artist as well. We showed her our Extravaganza Collection to get her feedback and it seems as though it was a win for this Russian beauty.

Swarovski iPhone 6 Case

Our Extravaganza cool iPhone 6 plus cases Collection is named as such for a reason–simply because it really is extravagant and grandiose by nature. While some women want a more minimalist take on style, there are those who are fearless and bold when it comes to pushing the boundaries of fashion and won’t hesitate on taking it to the next level. And this is exactly for whom the Extravaganza Collection is created and designed.

Cool iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Thanks to exactly 210 pieces of SS16 Xillion Rose Swarovski® Crystals embedded onto each metallic case, your cool iPhone 6 plus cases are bound to be a standout among the crowd. There’s no mistaking just how extravagant this case is, since you can easily be spotted even from afar when you use it for your iPhone. And as Natalie mentioned, you can choose to have the regular ones or opt to have a case with a heart pattern on it. But regardless of your choice, you’re sure to have an elegant and absolutely stunning case for your iPhone.

Premium Luxury iPhone Cases Collection–Introducing New Vogue & Cascade Collection Colors

Here at Bling My Thing, we’re focused on continuously evolving in order to bring you with premium designs for luxury iPhone cases that are stylishly glamorous as they are completely functional. And for 2015, we’ve launched new colors for our Vogue (for iPhone 6) and Cascade (for iPhone 6 Plus) collections!

luxury iPhone cases

So what exactly makes these new colors so special this time around? All three of these new designs are part of Bling My Thing’s exclusive partnership with Swarovski® Thailand in light of the Premium Partner Endorsement Program. As a result, these exquisite designs will be featured by Swarovski® Thailand in Vogue Thailand this coming July–do watch out for it.

This very partnership is what sets Bling My Thing apart from our competitors. Our continued partnership of excellence with Swarovski® Thailand is a testament to the quality and superiority of our products–and now, we’re taking a closer look at our new Vogue and Cascade designs:

Vogue Collection

For the Vogue Collection, which is meant for the iPhone 6, there are two new available colors: Brilliant Paradise Shine Light luxury iPhone cases and Brilliant Paradise Shine Mix beautiful iPhone cases. The main difference lies in the case color, a metallic silver case for the former and a metallic gradient black case for the latter.

Shiny iPhone 6 Plus Case

Both of these feature no less than 534 pieces of Swarovski® Crystals in three colors: Crystal, Provence Lavender, and Crystal Paradise Shine. All of which are intricately embedded and arranged in such a way that it would provide maximum light refraction, resulting to a very mesmerizing and shimmering case for your iPhone 6. It’s the very definition of elegance and luxury iPhone cases at its artistic best.

Cascade Collection

As for your iPhone 6 Plus, we have the new Brilliant Paradise Shine Mix design. It features 567 exquisite Swarovski® Crystals, which also makes use of the same three crystal colors as the Vogue Collection. All crystals are set against a metallic gradient black case, which highlights the beauty of the changing of colors from dark to light from top to bottom.

Shiny iPhone 6 Case

Dress Your Phone: Bling My Thing’s Best iPhone Cases from Cannes 2015

The 68th annual Cannes Film Festival was held earlier last month and as always, it was an event not only meant to celebrate stellar films, but it was also a gathering highlighting the best of the best when it comes to topnotch red carpet fashion.

Here at Bling My Thing, we’re putting a new twist to choosing the best dressed women from the event. Besides making our own best-dressed picks, we’re also throwing in the corresponding Bling My Thing case that closely represents each chosen look. Now in addition to having some much-needed glamorous style inspiration, you can also dress your Phone with best iPhone cases with la Cannes fashion as well!

Charlize Theron

black iPhone 6 plus Case

Charlize Theron is one of the few actresses that can do no wrong when it comes to red carpet fashion. She certainly did not disappoint with this luxe-grunge piece by Valentino, which showcases leather fabric, fringes, and a hint of boho vibe. She capped it off with Saint Laurent heels and jewelry by Kenneth Jay Lane.

With an edgy and sleek look like this, our Cosmic Storm case from the Métallique Collection is a definite match with its textured leather finish and accents consisting of Swarovski® crystals and metal studs. Perfect accessory to complement the stylish rebel in you!

Karlie Kloss

iPhone 6 plus crystal case

Statuesque supermodel Karlie Kloss stunned on the red carpet with her shimmering silver ensemble by Atelier Versace. She wore head-to-toe silver accessories and finished it off with a rather au natural hair and make-up. This perfect balance put more emphasis on her dazzling look without really overdoing it.

Without a doubt, the White Crystal Bling Case from the Glam! Dazzle Series possesses the same brilliant fabulousness of Karlie’s look. Your iPhone’s bound to be the talk of the town thanks to the 1,496 tiny diamond-like crystals that are put together to create the ultimate shimmery effect.

Araya A. Hargate

Luxury iPhone 6 Case

Going for a look that’s simply majestic to behold, Thai actress Araya A. Hargate mesmerized in a grandiose couture creation by Ashi Studio Couture. It was such an ethereal look, which made Araya look like royalty on the red carpet.

Dare we say that Araya’s look and our Brilliant Paradise Shine Light case from the Vogue Collection is a match made in fashion heaven. It features no less than 534 tiny Swarovski® Crystals in different colors and intricately designed to create an alluring and glimmering gradient effect, as light is reflected against it.

Cheryl Fernandez

Swarovski iPhone 6 Case

Looking dainty, fashion-forward, and regal, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini owned the red carpet with her Ralph and Russo gown. It possessed a certain simplicity, yet it also had just the right dose of sheer elegance and sophistication.

Sometimes, true beauty lies in the simplest of details and the same could be said for our Wish case in Pink Mix design. It showcases an array of Swarovski® crystals arranged in a waterfall-like arrangement and featuring three shades of pink, as well as twinkling stars on the edge. It’s stunning simple and simply stunning, much like Cheryl’s look for the night.

Lupita Nyong’o

Green iPhone 6 Case

Lupin Nyong’o may be a newcomer in the industry, but she’s already established herself as a credible style icon. This festive green frock by Gucci that she wore in Cannes is a testament to her effortlessly glamorous style.

We can’t help but liken the playful yet sophisticated vibe of Lupita’s look with our Milky Way case in Fern Green color. It highlights Swarovski® crystals scattered and designed to resemble the Milky Way Galaxy, which also reflects how Lupita wore her bright and jovial gown.

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