New Leather iPhone Cases Goodness Announced!

There was a pleasant surprise For those that attended the IFA 2013 Fair (Consumer Electronics Unlimited)! Bling My Thing have just freshly released brand new cases under the Ayano Kimura line.

The products now proudly feature premium nappa leather. The authentic rawhide feeling and fragrance is now part Bling My Thing’s growing lineup. Designs are beautifully threaded to ensure maximum quality.

High quality stitching

The high quality stitching comes in combination with different case colours

There’s the beloved flip case version to ensure that the mobile device is stylishly protected while providing slots for business/namecards/banknotes. Your phone is securely held to the case using our newly introduced Magic Pad.

Leather iPhone Cases

Magic Pad is where your phone will be securely attached without the excess bulk!

For those that like a little more snug fit for their phone, you’ll love the pouch version which holds your phone tightly inside with a hidden slot for various cards and notes as well.

Onto the actual cases…

The INFINITY collection is for those that love a bit of elusiveness to their mobile accessory. Highly functional, beautiful and durable to boot, yet remains understated.

The flip version of the Dot design. With perforated leather similar to a race car seat design.

The flip version of the Dots design. With perforated leather similar to a race car seat design.

brown leather iPhone case

The pouch version. Colours are in black/red & brown/white.

leather cover iPhone

Simple. Black on black. For the sophisticated individual that wants quality and functionality. NOTE: This is the back-side of the black INFINITY Dots design

For the more eye-catching design, we have the gorgeous leather iPhone cases MYSTIQUE collection. True to form and continuing on our success, we have added some sparkle to the rugged leather and went ahead and hand-placed SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on some of the designs.

Les Etoiles flip case

Les Etoiles flip case

leather iPhone cases

Papillon design comes in white and pink

iPhone leather cover

Pouch version of the Les Etoiles

iPhone leather cases

The darker versions of the Stripes design with the black or brown leather.

leather iphone pouch

Stripe design on white

The Swarovski Elements Difference

In the past we have come across imitators of the Bling My Thing cases where the design wasn’t copied quite right or more importantly the crystals would scratch or fall off. It is both frustrating for us as well as our customers. Luckily it’s not hard at all to distinguish the differences!

Swarovski Elements

Can you tell the difference?

Here a couple of sites that have gone into detail on what to expect from real Swarovski elements compared to a fake. Tips range from looking if they contain bubbles to the consistency of the cut and how a genuine one will always out-sparkle a knock-off.

How to ensure you are getting the real thing
How to spot a fake
How to verify authenticity of SWAROVSKI crystal beads

Enjoy the reading and research and make sure you are purchasing the real deal from the official Bling My Thing website and outlets!

Bling My Thing presents sparkly cases for Samsung GALAXY S III – encrusted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

So many people have been asking whether Bling My Thing sells cases for Samsung GALAXY S III, and the answer is…. OF COURSE WE DO!  They will be available in retail in July, so be patient please ;)

We only had limited designs for Samsung GALAXY S II (Milky Way and SPLASH! Drop), but for GALAXY S III, we have more variations of Milky WayDiffusion, Drop, and beautiful Orchids and cool retro-style Sunrise. Every design is encrusted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS – all hand-crafted by our BMT craftsmen.

If you like totally simple design, Drop is the design for you. It looks as if the paint is pouring out of the camera hole – and at the bottom of it, you will see a piece of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to add an accent.

For something floral, we offer Orchids design. Just a few sparkles across an elegant orchids illustrations. Very simple yet beautiful.


Samsung GALAXY S II Cases – SPLASH! Design in 3D!

Look what I found! A Japanese girl reviewing our Samsung GALAXY S II cases. SPLASH! Vol. 2…. it looks as if the ‘paint’ pours out of the camera hole…. it is actually made in 3D!

This design is not a typical Bling My Thing case… but I just wanted to make something very minimalistic. Just one SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! For those who know me, they would ask me what really got into me! hahahahah!

Surprisingly this design appeals to many people who would not otherwise buy our standard collections. Weird, right?

A girl who came to our booth at the CES show in Vegas went crazy when she saw this design. She says, ‘Oh my god! THIS IS THE BEST DESIGN I’VE EVER SEEN!’ (*´ω`*)

We will definitely continue with this design collection, and for Samsung S III, we will definitely offer more colour combinations! So stay tuned!

MOAB xoxo