4 Important Points to keep in mind while purchasing cases for your iPhone

Ask anybody one thing that they can’t live without these days, the answer you will get is their smartphone. No, wonder people are so possessive about their phones and especially iPhones. All they want is to keep their expensive and much loved phone protected from scratches, dirt and accidents. All they want is to keep their expensive and much loved phone protected from scratches, dirt and accidents. One accessory that is widely used to protect the iPhone is phone covers. This is because they are both functional and fashionable. iPhone covers protect it from smudges and scratches. But it is difficult to choose the right iPhone cover as there are hundreds and thousands of them to choose from. Here are some things that should be kept in mind while purchasing cases for your iPhone:

1. Compatibility: It is the most critical characteristic you need to consider. Choose the cover that fits well as even a slight variation may render certain phone accessories incompatible. Ensure that the phone cover is sized properly and doesn’t block the iPhone’s bottom mounted speaker, dock-connector port and microphone. The compatible models and brands are listed clearly on the case packing, so make sure you read it.

2. Choices: When buying iPhone covers avoid impulsive buying. Check out the number of cases and find out which case is better for your phone. Some of the popular case types to choose from are:

I. Pouches & Holsters: These types of covers encases the phone and protects it from scratches. You will even find the cases that have extra padding to keep the phone safe against drops, bumps and shocks. But, remember, this type of case limits the access to the device’s touchscreen. Some covers let you keep the iPhone on the bag strap or belt for easy access. Simply, take out the phone in the case to use it. 

II. Shells: If you prefer keeping the iPhone in the purse or pocket or laptop bag even then shell iPhone cover should be your choice. This cover encloses your phone in a thin layer of plastic or metal and assures protection against scratches and bumps. With this cover, you can easily access the phone screen easily. It is preferred by all those who want to flaunt the shiny surface of the iPhone. One buying tip, buy the shell cover with sides that protrude past the iPhone screen so that even when you keep the phone down on the screen, it rests on the case sides and not the screen.

III. Flip cases: If you are looking for complete protection then there is nothing better than flip cases. Thanks to the screen cover that flips open for the access. Though, little heavy with these cases you will never have to compromise with convenience and protection. You can easily find flip cases that include pocket for credit cards or cash or even cases whose flips can be used as a stand for watching photo or video slideshows.

3. Usage habits: When buying the iPhone cover, consider how you use the phone. In case you use your phone frequently, it is ideal to choose shell covers or silicon skins whereas in case your usage is limited then holsters and pouches should be preferred.

4. Personality: iPhone covers give you an excellent opportunity to flaunt your style and individual taste. You can easily find the phone covers that speak volume about your preferences, taste and personality. They are available in different themes, colors and styles. From polka dots to rainbow colors to digital prints to bling to covers of their favorite rock star or sports star. You can choose for self-expression. With these four things in mind, you will never go wrong with your choice of case for your valuable iPhone.

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