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5 New Designs of Paradise Shine Crystal iPhone Cases Collection for Fall 2015

by Ayano Kimura September 07, 2015

If you just recently purchased an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus, chances are you're looking for a new protective case to make your device look stunning. If you love the look of your device in all of its aluminum and glass/ceramic state, stunning metallic or clear cases with accent Swarovski® Paradise Shine Crystals iPhone cases will compliment the brilliant iPhone design. With the new Fall fashion season in trend, Bling My Thing has released 5 New Designs of Paradise Shine Crystal iPhone Cases Collection for 2015. These protective cases are embellished with Paradise Shine Crystals offering a new multicolored surface effect truly lives up to the name crystal paradise shine. As a new crystal color from Swarovski for 2015, Paradise Shine Crystals embodies bold hues such as purple, blue and green combined to create an explosion of color that is as vibrant and energetic as it is artistic. Embellished on BMT cases, these are designed to shield the device from scratches, drops and dents while resembling the flash of a diamond. Each of these cases reflect an updated design with Swarovski® Crystals embedded onto the cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The designs are exclusively available on Let's take a closer look.

Crystal iPhone Cases crystal iPhone 6 cases

1) iPhone 6 Plus: Extravaganza Silver - Pure Paradise Shine Crystals

From the Extravaganza Collection for iPhone 6 Plus, the Paradise Shine case is sized at 5.5" which measures precisely to your device. Pure Paradise Shine is the perfect Metallic Silver case with its slim and durable qualities to preserve a light weight and elegant design of the device itself. The detailed individual crystal setting allows for every crystal to ensure an excellent hold. The Extravaganza Cases are known for its use of Xirius Rose crystals (5mm) to achieve the maximum light refraction for a multi-colored metallic surfaces of purple, blue and green.


2) iPhone 6: Extravaganza Silver - Pure Paradise Shine Crystals

designer iPhone cases

Similar to the Pure Paradise Shine for iPhone 6 Plus, Extravaganza Cases for iPhone 6 are made with the same design and easy access to all ports and buttons. Measuring at 4.7", the stunning iPhone 6 Metallic Silver case is created with almost 200 Swarovski® Crystals embedded onto the back of the case. This design is perfect to add shimmer and sparkle to your device while keeping a sophisticated and classy look. As an exclusive case for Bling My Thing's online shop, the fully crystallized über-bling design  is the most popular item for a glamorous yet stunning device. This silver case pairs perfectly with a golden or classic iPhone color.

3) iPhone 6 Plus: Milky Way - Paradise Shine Crystals

Another luxury case made with sturdy Swarovski® Crystals, the Milky Way (Paradise Shine) iPhone 6 Plus case is a subdued design compared to the Extravaganza Collection. The sleek design carries a beautiful array of scattered Swarovski® Crystals in a curved milky way shape pattern across the back of the case. The durable and sturdy polycarbonate casing allows you to use your device without fear of scratches and minor dents. The clear design is simple yet elegant if you want to display the original color of your iPhone 6 Plus. This case if perfect for the working woman who loves sparkle.

Swarovski iPhone 6 cases

4) iPhone 6: Milky Way - Paradise Shine Crystals

Swarovski iPhone 6 plus cases

Similar to the Milky Way design of the iPhone 6 Plus, the Paradise Shine Crystal case for iPhone 6 is the perfect match for your device. As one of the best-selling cases offered by Bling My Thing, the beautiful design is luxurious with its slim and sleek clear case. The scattered Swarovski® Crystals offers a 3D effect with the ultra-sparkly design while keeping a minimalistic look. The modern ultra-clear, durable polycarbonate case paired with glimmering crystals is perfect for everyday use.

5) iPhone 6: Vogue- Cosmic Paradise Shine

Saving the best for last, if you love extreme shimmer and sparkle this is the case for you! Vogue Cosmic Paradise Shine for iPhone 6 is embedded with 534 pieces of tiny Swarovski® Crystals for the extreme bling addict. The Metallic case uses SS9 Xilion Rose crystals (2.6mm) for the ultimate multicolored 3D reflection. The exclusive design refracts the maximum light that can be seen for miles! This special design holds every single crystal piece in place with individual setting to ensure excellent hold. This is one of the boldest and loudest bling design cases that you can find for iPhone 6.

shiny iPhone cases

These new cases for Fall are perfect for upcoming events and parties. Whether you adore extreme bling or a minimal design, there is something for everyone with the new Paradise Shine Crystal collection.

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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