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A bit of Swarovski bling for iPhone 4 - the coolest transparent hard case from Bling My Thing

by Ayano Kimura September 01, 2010

Now the SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL Collection by Ayano Kimura is available to perfectly compliment the sleek design of the iPhone 4!-The collection features four designs: “Milky Way”, “Diffusion”, “Flower” and newly added “Stripe” as well as some new colours and comes in either a transparent or “Metallic Mirror” effect.-This new and super-chic finish has a modest and elegant semi-transparent finish that gives an attractive 'sunglasses' like effect.-

The range is totally unique on the market, as the Chief Designer of Bling My Thing Ayano Kimura explains.-There has been such a huge demand for mini bling on mobile phones and people absolutely love the sparkly effects of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS but they just want a little bit on their gadget.-The new 'Simple is Beautiful' range offers them just that.-Each case is transparent, super-sleek and thin.-They are made from high quality durable and flexible plastic onto which the sparkles of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are carefully embedded so that they are well-protected and ensure longevity of the crystals.-The case itself is also treated with a special transparent anti-scratch coating for added protection.

Additionally, there are some important things I would like to say! -Unlike many cases which were produced in a hurry after the launch of iPhone 4, our cases have perfectly adjusted camera holes, which DOES NOT interfer with the flash, therefore does not cause any flare.-And as you can see in the photos, headphones and connecting cable can be inserted into the iPhone 4 without any problem!-In this new collection we added so many beautiful colours such as crystal, fuchsia, light siam, capri blue, fern green (the newest colour from Swarovski), purple velvet, crystal cosmojet.-In addition to best selling colour mix series like Pink Mix and Cotton Candy, now you can buy blue mix, which consists of aquamarine, capri blue and dark indigo. -The Flower design is now available with green mix, too. 



Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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