A Brief Overview of Your Beloved Bling Items Over Time

Bling /bliNG/ -- noun; denoting expensive, ostentatious clothing and jewelry, or the wearing of them. When we hear or read the word "bling," we immediately think of sparkling and extravagant things. And even though the term itself is relatively new to the dictionary, having added shimmer and sparkle on material things have long been present, especially in the world of fashion. It's really quite interesting to take a look back on how "blinging" various have evolved and progressed over the years. Of course, this enduring trend has been the very basis of how Bling My Thing came to be as well. Join us as we take a short walk through history and see how bling items and crystallizing have changed the landscape of fashion over time.

Crystal Timeline  

Here's a breakdown of the story so far: 

1895 – It was during this year that a son of a glass cutter, Daniel Swarovski, founded Swarovski with the help of Armand Kosman and Franz Weis. The Swarovski company helped in catapulting the production and popularization of crystal glass with their own patented machines. 1990 – Swarovski's popularity continued to grow and it was around this time that they came up with crystal figurines, which became highly popular among collectors. 2000 - Bling My Thing began experimenting in crystal customization using Swarovski Crystals on various luxury items from brands such as Sony, Pentax, and Microsoft, among many others. The most notable and extravagant of which is the 'blinging' of the Royal Mini Cooper, which was put on display at the Swarovski Flagship Store in London, England. 2010 – There's a steady growth of 'blinged' items in the market as more and more designers are delving into crystal customization for different merchandise, including personal items. 2011 – There's a sudden influx of crystal-embellished mobile phone cases as manufacturers take advantage of this popular trend. A lot of these utilized Swarovski Crystals for cases of different phone models. 2012 – While crystal embellishments and accents aren't exactly new in the world of fashion, it was this year that the use of Swarovski Crystals on clothes, shoes, and accessories have become even more prominent. Prada, for one, have released a version of their Saffiano Vernice tote with luxurious crystal design. 2013 – Swarovski teams up with famed Parisian jewellery designer, Shourouk, for the brand's Secret Treasures Collection that featured necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and cuffs. 2014 – Crystallised designs are all the rage in the fashion industry as more and more celebs are spotted sporting this exquisite trend. In the featured photo, Rihanna was seen working the red carpet for the CFDA Awards in 2014 wearing an Adam Selman creation, which showcased a scandalously sheer dress with about 230,000 Swarovski Crystals spread all throughout the dress, gloves, and headpiece. 2015 – This year brought about an even more prosperous partnership between Bling My Thing and Swarovski, as they have successfully penetrated the luxury accessories industry with top of the line mobile phone cases with Swarovski Crystal embellishments. Bling My Thing has also managed to evolve into a global brand that's being recognized as among the pioneers in the utilization of Swarovski Crystals. Among the most popular and in demand crystal-embellished cases of Bling My Thing include the Milky Way collection, Extravaganza collection, Vogue collection, and the Cascade collection.

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