A Deeper Appreciation of Petite Couturiere Floral iPhone 6 Plus Cases Collection

As its name suggests, the Petite Couturière collection for floral iPhone 6 plus cases are the true class act when it comes to its topnotch couture-inspired design. And to give you a glimpse of what it's all about, we've tapped Natalie Lorence to be our fashion guru of choice, who will introduce the beauty of this exquisite collection:

For those of you who are not familiar with Natalie, she's actually a Russian-born, up and coming actress based in Southeast Asia. And when she's not busy looking into scripts and harnessing her acting chops, she's also a make-up artist and fashion aficionado on the side as well. Natalie understands that the Petite Couturière collection for floral iPhone 6 plus cases and iPhone 6 are all about the intricate details--from the beautiful embroidery design with hints of Swarovski® Crystals set in the center of the flowers to the sleek textured PU leather material, which helps in making the gorgeous floral design stand out even more so. This beautifully refined and chic case that features Japanese-inspired floral graphics comes in three colors--Flora Elegance, Flora Vivacity, and Flora Sophistication--and is available for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

floral iphone 6 case

It's true that even with Bling My Thing's signature grandiose designs, Petite Couturière proves to be an exception to the rule. It just shows how we're dedicated to bringing the very best to women with different tastes and preferences.

floral iphone 6 plus cases

The Petite Couturière Collection is truly a work of art, especially looking closely on how its made. And while some of our more fabulous cases are perfect for women who are not afraid to be bold and take their outlandish style to the next level, this collection makes for  suitable choice for those who want a more subtle and refined feminine style, as well as something that's more individualistic and even somewhat eccentric.

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