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A Guide to Swarovski iPhone Cases

by Ayano Kimura May 22, 2015

A bling-tastic mobile case can either look premium and high-quality or very cheap and tacky. The difference between the two is using genuine Swarovski® crystals for your phone case. All of Bling My Thing's iPhone cases are made with Swarovski® crystals, the finest quality crystals that you can find anywhere. Our cases are synonymous with the Swarovski brand for unmatched brilliance and consistent quality crystals. To understand the quality of our Swarovski iPhone cases, you have to first learn about the crystals used to create our unique and fashionable cases.

Swarovski iPhone Cases

Good Setting Vs. Bad Setting

What makes a high quality iPhone case different from any other cheaply made design is the layout and design of the Swarovski® crystals. What makes the crystals last longer and protect it from falling out is  the setting. Bling My Thing Swarovski® crystal cases are individually glued into a specific setting instead of gluing on top of a flat surface. Cases that glue crystals on a normal hard shell case will fall off much more easily and collect more dust making it look cheap. Here is a look at a comparison between 2 types of cases with crystals.

Swarovski iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Swarovski Cases

High Quality Craftsmanship Swarovski® crystals is a world renowned brand name associated with maximum brilliance with top-notch cutting method for making Austrian crystals. With such brilliance in crystal quality, the application process on each Bling My Thing iPhone case ensures unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Each crystal is hand-set by well-trained craftsman, individual pieces are placed in its very own setting to help minimize any chances of crystals being damaged or "scraped" off. The high quality, genuine gemstones has an elegant finish similar to a stunning jewelry piece.

Swarovski iPhone 6 Cases

Authentic Swarovski® Crystals A genuine product made with authentic Swarovski® Crystals will include branding logo 'Swarovski® crystals' imprinted on each packaging and even on their other communications materials. There are 2 types of logos that certify and guarantee 100% authenticity of the Swarovski crystals used. Old Logo vs. New Logo If you are a fanatic of products made with Swarovski® crystals, you might be curious to know about the various logos used. The old logo states 'made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS', while transitioning to the new logo is still in process it's still valid and authentic. The old logo is replaced with a trendy and new logo stating 'Swarovski® crystals'.

swarovski phone cases

swarovski crystal phone cases

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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