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If you have visited our website, you may have noticed that our emphasis lies on delivering the best quality crystal art in the market. We simply refuse to deliver mediocre quality handicrafts made of huge stones or motif done without handpainting prior to applying crystals. We just want to do the best there is since the market is filled with "commodity" rather than arts like ours. Many of our designs are ORIGINAL - like Hermitage, Vogue, Fairy Tale, Secret, Matrix.... We hardly work on templates, and it is always done as free style to express individual taste of designers. We strive for improving our designs, too. If you see the late Hermitage designs, you will find that there are additional crystal elements to add extra glamour to the design. Swarovski has so many beautiful crystals in different shapes. We are always keen on implementing new tastes into our designs so that they will continue to be more exciting. "Secret" is our latest creation, where a designer pours her imagination into the piece to create the truly unique piece of art. Now that I am coming back from Japan with all these wonderful jewelry pieces to go with the crystals, we are able to offer a larger spectrum of variety in this design category. I will certainly talk about this design individually in this blog .... :) [Sometimes we say NO to certain design wishes] I just want to mention something: although we do everything for our customers, there are some limits. We do not reproduce any copyrighted designs (unless you have a written permission) and we do not do partial crystallisation. Partial crystallisation There is also a reason why prefer not, e.g. just do initials, or sprinkle a few crystals around the surface. We know, that they are inclined to come off. We only want to deliver a lasting solution, and we just do not feel comfortable that such designs carry more risk of being destroyed. Since we give one year warranty on our craftsmanship, we are only able to warranty the quality if it is done correctly, i.e. crystals are also adhered side-by-side to offer a strong & optimal combined adhesion to the surface. Our glue has been long researched and it has the highest adhesion property. Compared to many of the normal glues used for crystal application, we use an industrial level 2-component glue, which ensures the longetivity of designs. So compared to most of the glue in the market, it has the best chance of surviving alone. If the customer insists and is aware of the risk, we would do it, but without any warranty on the craftsmanship. We would still recommend that she/he would take the utmost care to protect the object with a shock-absorbant bag or so. After all, it is not longer an object - it is a portable jewelry piece!

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