Animal prints for your wardrobes! Yeah or meh?

How many fashion accessories with animal prints do you have in your wardrobes? or do you even own some fabulous outfits with leopard and zebra prints? They could make you look super hot or you could end up like..... hmmm, there are a plenty of MEH on the internet, if you Google... I guess the colors of natural animal prints are so neutral, they go with everything. It is literally black, white, beige or brown... unless you are into some funky animal prints I don't know about! I was thinking of a list of celebrities who are often associated with animal prints.... The first person I thought of - Marilyn Monroe! From my favourite movie Gentlemen prefer Blondes (1953) ❤ So elegant, this is definitely YEAH!

Elizabeth Taylor - what a classic beauty, and how elegant she looks in her leopard swimsuit! Oh, I just found out from googling, Lindsay Lohan played Elisabeth Taylor in the film Liz & Dick! 4/10 score in IMDB... !

and here is Serena Williams, crushing her friends' wedding with her wild leopard appearance! How did she come up with this idea, I wonder? The leopard is so perfect for her! So I would say, YEAH GIRL! hahaha

So enough of history.... the queen of animal prints - definitely Kate Moss for me! Definitely YEAH!

Queen B cannot be forgotten, too. Gorgeous! YEAH!

Kim Kardashian is often seen with animal prints.... This one... hmmm, not so sure. What do you think?

I like Olivia Palermo's leopard look. Yeah! Snow leopard look is so elegant!

Some more of my favourite... (obviously 'yeah's!) Halle Berry, do you EVER age? Love her newest TV series, EXTANT!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Balmain zebra outfits!

I like Balmian but this bling zebra gown on Lindsay Lohan.... hmmmmm.

What do you think of animal prints on men? Kayne West with Givenchy bomber jacket.

Swizz Beatz & his studded Christian Louboutin leopard leather jacket.

Although her fashion choice is often disputed, I still love Nicki Minaj and she just looks cool with animal prints!

Check out this leopard hair!!!!

My friend recently did leopard lips on a photoshooting... didn't see the photo but it looks like this. Isn't this cool or what?

Some cool animal print accessories.... here we go. Jimmy Choo Odette Ponyskin bag in zebra pattern. Lovely!


Leopard iPhone 6 / 6 Plus case from Bling My Thing / Ayano. Faux fur with RockCrystals,



Zebra Bikini by Emilio Pucci. Stunning!


Need a pair of chic leopard sunglasses? by Prism.


Black / grey zebra iPhone 6 / 6 Plus case by Bling My Thing / Ayano. Black faux fur in contrast to sparkly black diamond crystals! A perfect case for a night out!


Ashley Olsen & her Louis Vuitton scarf - LOVE IT!


Leopard Heels - sexy! by Tabitha Simmons


Cute pink zebra case for iPhone 6 by Bling My Thing / Ayano. Pink faux fur is super cute!

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