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AYANO Expression Collection for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases

by Ayano Kimura December 11, 2014

You know how they say, the most beautiful designs are created from simplistic artistic looks. With so many beautiful and creative designs coming of age, the latest trends with mobile devices starts with simplicity. Now it's time to think thin with a slim protective case that shows off the sleek profile of your new iPhone. With the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models , the elegant curves and thin shape of the Apple mobile device should be displayed instead of kept hidden. With such a thin iPhone, a protective case should look classy and sleek while also keeping the device in a safe hard shell. AYANO has created a clear case that is tough enough to handle the daily use of your phone yet with a clear slim case. The Expression Collection offers you the versatility to show off your new phone which gives you access to controls and buttons comfortably. What make these cases so special - in a nutshell:
  1. Excellent grip: because of TPU bumper, it is slip-proof. It will not easily come off your pocket (this happens often with a slippery hard case)
  2. No yellowing: for soft-case users, it's been a problem that TPU cases tend to get yellow over time. Expressions cases consist mainly of a polycarbonate sheet, which remains crystal clear. TPU is used only at the edge, which is hardly visible.
  3. Clear case with a twist: you want a simple clear case but want to have something extra? Expression cases are perfect for you: the etched glass effect looks subtle, yet adds some accent to your iPhone 6.
  4. Flexible: unlike conventional polycarbonate cases, Expression cases fuse flexible polycarbonate sheet with TPU using the newest injection technology. It protects your iPhone 6 efficiently, yet leaving its appearance sleek.

Available in 2 types of styles; ultra clear case (no pattern - for absolute minimalist lover) and ultra clear case with design, including Rain, Zebra, Fiori, and Kiku.

iPhone 6 Plus Cases

apple iphone 6 plus case

Collection for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases:

  • Expression Ice - Ultra clear Hybrid case - NO PATTERN
  • Expression Rain - Hybrid clear case in minimalistic "Rain" design
  • Expression Zebra - Hybrid clear case in cute "Zebra" design
  • Expression Fiori - Hybrid clear case in stylish "Fiori" design
  • Expression Kiku - Hybrid clear case in Japanese chrysanthemum "Kiku" design 
best iphone 6 plus cases

100% Accurate Case Fit

Have you ever purchased a mobile case and find that it's either too loose or too tight? Either way, a poorly fit iPhone case will not protect your device from unforeseen damages. As some cases are loose, the phone can slip out or make the controls of the phone inaccessible. The Expression Collection for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases is the perfect array of slim barely there designs that impacts a resistant hard shell to cover the back and controls of the device. With Bling My Thing iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus cases are 100% accurate to the cut and design of your specific device. The precision openings from the protective case will allow you to easily access any controls or buttons on your device. The Expression collection cases are all created with a Hybrid Clear case so not only will your mobile look stunning but offer sturdy protection unlike other iPhone cases.

best iphone 6 plus case

Protection from Bendgate and Dyegate

Recently iPhone damages have become quite common, while some cellular services offer a protection plan some might be unlucky to deal with damages without a new replacement device. Since we are essentially hooked on our mobile devices, a shock-absorption protective case is highly essential to offer thickness and sturdiness to any phone. The specialty material of the Expressions Collection is designed using high-grade PC (polycarbonate) and TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) combined. The ultra thin PC sheet and covering coupled with TPU bumper creates a unique shield without the bulky weight.

iphone 6 plus bumper

The best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases are made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and ion-strengthened glass (which has been mentioned to be a heavy duty material which won't shatter easily). Since Apple has stated that the materials used are sturdy enough, plenty of reviews on the devices say otherwise. The aluminum can bend easily and cause quite a few scratches, otherwise known as bendgate. Not to mention that the devices can become dyed as in dyegate in your jean pocket. Needless to say that a best protective case is essential for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

best iphone 6 case

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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