Bling My Dummy :) Crystal Dummy is a must-have!


One day I woke up, and thought: "We haven't tried to bling dummies yet - WHY NOT?". So spontaneously, for the first time in my life, I paid a visit to a baby shop around the corner to get the most bling-friendly dummy for my project. I was amazed to see how many different dummies were around...  it really made me laugh to see all these descriptions like "soft orthodontic silicone nipple" etc... well, none of these things mattered to me. I just wanted to find the perfect dummy for us! (by the way, why do Americans call them PACIFIERS? sounds scary...) I bought everything they had in the shelves and slammed them across the counter. The shop assistant says, "you must really like these!". Yes, I do!!! Anyways, there they were, my perfect to-be-blinged dummies. So cute. They are available in 4 pastel colours. What shall we do? Let's just fill them with different colours....  

With Aquamarine AB

With Peridot

With Light Rose AB

With Citrine AB -

I LOVE this colour!!! I hang a of them on my gym bag - they just make me smile - it is a good mood charm for me. It really does get a lot of "ohhhh"s and "aaaaahh"s, and make others smile, too. These little guys are the perfect gifts for your friends & family, for birthdays & baby-showers. These are truly original, and I haven't yet seen anything like this yet. Now they are available to buy in our onlin shop. You can crystallise it with the colour of your choice on a dummy, which comes in 4 colours: baby pink, baby blue, pastel yellow or pastel green. The price is between 40-44 Euro, depending on crystal colours you choose. We also have a special offer where you can get all 4 colours from 159 Euro.  The prices include the dummies, of course.

You can find them under Online Shop / Special Offers / Crystal Dummies I think AB colours (aurore boreal) look the best on these dummies. AB coatings add extra shimmer to the colour and look just so pretty. WARNING: these are not suitable for infants & children. They are intended to be used as an ornament or accessory.

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