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"Bling My Hairbrush" - Hairbrushes with Swarovski crystals! Exclusively with Denman International

by Ayano Kimura June 07, 2008

Oh yes. At last our dream comes true. Bling My Thing finally launches "The Bling My Hairbrush" Project with Denman International, the worldwide leader in styling tool innovation and technology. Their hairbrushes are best known as "professionals hairbrushes". Bling My Thing is the only company, who is authorised by Denman International to crystallise their hairbrushes - as you know, we only work with Swarovski crystals, so every brush will be supplied with a label "Made with Crystallized - Swarovski Elements" with our serial number to guarantee the authenticity of the products being made with Swarovski elements only. Right now we offer Denman's famous paddle brushes in medium and large, styling brushes in small and medium, and compact brushes to accompany you everywhere. If you want to have a complex design, go for paddle brushes. If you want something small with simple bling, choose styling brushes or compact brushes. But I would still recommend to go for the paddle brush, because it is simply amazing.  I've been using Denman's paddle brush over a decade. I've never found any other hairbrushes which made me happier...

Here are some more information on the brushes: [PADDLE BRUSHES] For gentle grooming, detangling and straightening, Denman Paddle Brushes are perfect for gently grooming all hair lengths and types. Ball-ended nylon pins set into an air-cushioned, natural rubber pad gently penetrate the hair without damage to straighten, smooth and dress the style. What's so good about a Denman Paddle Brush? The Paddle brush is a multi-purpose styling tool suitable for most hair types and styles. The cushioned pad and rounded bristles make brushing hair a soothing and sensuous experience. Special features and benefits include:        - Soft rubber air cushion        - Staggered pin patters        - Ergonomic design        - Textured non-slip handle        - Heat and chemical resistant        - Deal for soothing scalp massages        - Hygienic and durable [STYLING BRUSHES] All the classic stylers are characterised by smooth, firm nylon bristles embedded in a pure rubber base. The nylon bristles are rounded at the ends, so do not scratch the hair or scalp. The rubber base is semi-circular in shape and this becomes more defined in the larger sizes. During blowdrying, you can rotate the brush through the ends of the hair, adding slight curl and bend. The classic stylers are heat resistant, so they can be used with a blowdryer. They can easily cleaned in soap and water.  Small Styling Brush D143: it has only 5 rows of bristles however the handle length has been extended (Total brush length = 7.5"). The compact size makes it the perfect tool for shorter hair types, or for shaping wisps and bangs. Medium Styling Brush D3: 7 rows of bristle. The D3 is recommended for medium to longer hair. It is Denman's most popular styling brush. Now we have a website for our blinged hairbrushes!

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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