Bling My Thing presents sparkly cases for Samsung GALAXY S III - encrusted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

So many people have been asking whether Bling My Thing sells cases for Samsung GALAXY S III, and the answer is.... OF COURSE WE DO!  They will be available in retail in July, so be patient please ;)

We only had limited designs for Samsung GALAXY S II (Milky Way and SPLASH! Drop), but for GALAXY S III, we have more variations of Milky WayDiffusion, Drop, and beautiful Orchids and cool retro-style Sunrise. Every design is encrusted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS - all hand-crafted by our BMT craftsmen. If you like totally simple design, Drop is the design for you. It looks as if the paint is pouring out of the camera hole - and at the bottom of it, you will see a piece of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to add an accent. For something floral, we offer Orchids design. Just a few sparkles across an elegant orchids illustrations. Very simple yet beautiful.

Who is into retro stuff? Take a look at our Sunshine series, with 2 classic colour combinations of black/white and red/white, and a unusual shocking colour combination of blue/yellow, where Sapphire and Light Sapphire SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are partially embedded on the ray. This design is definitely an eye-catcher!


Samsung GALAXY S III is an amazing smartphone. It is much slimmer than an iPhone and the bigger screen makes it look more impressive, not to mention to the quality. The sleek cases fit perfectly, it feels good when you hold it in your hand. Having said that, I still love my iPhone and I cannot wait to get the new iPhone 5 sometimes this year. We already have lots of new designs for it.... stay tuned folks, there will be a lot of surprises! MOAB aka Ayano

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