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Blinged Xbox360 Console - British Invasion!

by Ayano Kimura December 07, 2008

We are known to be the first crazy company who dared to bling the whole Xbox360 console with CRYSTALLIZED  (TM)- Swarovski Elements. The first one was commissioned by EIDOS, the company who developped the Tomb Raider games. It was crystallised mostly with SS5 (1.8mm) crystals and took weeks to complete - this is how I got a "tennis elbow" by working on it!  Then there came an additional order by Microsoft in the UK to produce several Xbox360 consoles with the Perfect Dark Zero design, one of which was given as the wedding gift of Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole! Doing such complex designs are fun. But sometimes I like working on something simpler, but stronger designs, like the UNION JACK! Union Jack is powerful... love the strong colour combination of blue, red and white. We use Capri Blue for blue normally, but Cobalt can also create fascinating result. Light Siam is definitely the best colour for red. Rather than posting a photo of the console, here is the rotating video of this most fabulous gaming console in the world! Enjoy...

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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