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Don't buy iPhone 7 in Jet Black!

by Ayano Kimura September 12, 2016

You probably all heard of the keynote speech of Apple by now. iPhone 7 - what we have been waiting for!!! ..... or not?

OK, Apple did introduce 10 "brand new features", but the phone still looks like iPhone 6. Oh yeah, the ugly horizontal line is gone. GREAT. The camera seems to work better. Nice! I still give a lot of credit for introducing the sexiest Jet Black edition, but if you are considering to buy iPhone 7 in this color, WATCH OUT.

This is from Now scroll down a bit for more details.

iPhone 7 jet black

Having studied law, I just could not help myself from noticing this tiny "1" printed after Jet Black. Now, what does this mysterious number mean? I felt like I was scrolling down for ages.... finally, the paragraph appears with small fonts in grey, on a light grey background, which does a great job reducing its visibility.

It says: 

  1. Jet black is available in 128GB and 256GB models. The high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process. Its surface is equally as hard as other anodized Apple products; however, its high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone.

Dear Apple, why bother putting this disclaimer? If this is really true, we will have to find an appropriate hashtag like #bendgate which became popular after iPhone 6 was released! Let's see how bad this problem really is. But it cannot be as bad as the incident of Samsung's Note 7.... right!?

Samsung Note 7 Recall

In case you do not know, Samsung had to recall 2.5 million pieces of their newest model, Note 7, because it caught fire while he was using the phone! 

Anyways, for those who still consider buying this sexy Jet Black iPhone 7, it seems like a good idea to put a nice protective case on it. What do you think of these? We have beautiful clear cases with Swarovski® crystals for those who like sleek cases, and uber-blingy Extravaganza collection for you!

Bling My Thing's popular Simple Is Beautiful Collection for iPhone 7

Left to right: Milky Way Starry Night (looks super sleek!), Papillon Cotton Candy (colors look amazing in contrast to the black background), and our new Hermitage design with tiny crystal dust as a stripe.

Bling My Thing's newest Extravaganza for iPhone 7.

Our Extravaganza collection for iPhone 7 uses the biggest flatback crystals available from Swarovski, which is over 7mm in diameter! Nothing sparkles as much as these babies! 


Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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