#DyeGate ruining your iPhone 6? We have Swarovski iPhone 6 cases as a solution!

As soon as the iPhone 6 launched in the market, a frenzy of Apple fanatics waited hours in line just to get their hands on the new mobile device. It's safe to say that at a $199-$399 price tag, the latest iPhone 6 doesn't come cheap so we should be expecting the best quality cell phone. Many consumers are mocking the brand to launching one of the thinnest mobile phones that can easily be bended while carrying it around in your jean pocket. The Bendgate issue has iPhone 6 users worrisome about keeping their phone in top condition year around.

hard iPhone 6 case

The latest problem regarding the new design is causing the dye from any pair of jeans to be transferred onto the back of the iPhone. Not only is the dye transferring but the white plastic line on the golden iPhone 6 can easily become dirty and stained in a matter of days with heavy use. The stained look give the iPhone a very tacky and cheap feel since it turned into a yellow or deepened blue hue. This is where a high quality iPhone 6 case is here to save your iPhone 6 from these scum stains.

Dyegate Jeans


 Not only are jeans bending the iPhone but staining it!

Dyegate problem


The #Dyegate hashtag is followed by #Colorgate and #Rubgate for the top trending tweets on Twitter  Needless to say consumers are not happy with their iPhone staining so quickly and we have a solution.

Gold iPhone 6 case

If you're an iPhone 6 user, you've already spent hundreds of your hard earned cash on the device. Investing in a sturdy case will be the best decision you've ever made! Users who choose not to cover their device with a protective case will find themselves with a horribly stained iPhone 6. The simplest and fashionable way to protect your iPhone for life is with a high quality, durable iPhone 6 case from Bling My Thing. If you still want to keep the back gold body of the iPhone 6 visible, an easy solution is with a protective hard case. If you love the look of your iPhone but want to keep it clean, a clear hard case.


 If You Want to Keep it Simple & Sophisticated- Clear Hard Case

Clear iPhone 6 case

The Ultra-Clear, Hard Case from the Minimalistic Motoki Collection By Ayano is sleek enough to look fashionable for your iPhone 6 device but also helps avoid the unsightly discoloration that can make it look very dirty. A clear case gives you the option to protect the back of the Swarovski iPhone 6 cases while still showing off the gold bronze design.

 Add a Little Bling to Your Dyegate iPhone 6


Swarovski iPhone 6 cases

Our next iPhone 6 case choice adds a little bling to your mobile device. Who doesn't love shiny things?! The Cute Pink Butterfly Swarovski iPhone 6 Cases ultra clear transparent Papillon Butterfly series case is scratch-proof, dye-proof and will keep your case looking brand new! It adds a good amount of thickness with its high-grade polycarbonate material that adds a grip to your phone to prevent it from slipping off your hands. The elegant jeweled design adds a sleek and sexy touch. It's simple and elegant to take with you on a night out with friends!

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