Fashion Swarovski Crystal Best Cases for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus?

Since Apple presented iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in their Keynote presentation, there have been many discussions as to what the best cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are. According to a 2012 ABI Research Report, the smartphone accessory market shipments reached more than 2.2 billion units for the 12 months ended in June 2014. Sure, the cases should protect your best cases for iPhone 6 and they have an easy access to all the ports, blah blah blah. The most important question remains the same: DO I LOOK GOOD WITH IT? DO THEY FIT MY NAILS, ACCESSORIES, OR CLOTHES??? Women can be a more complicated than men who are just fine with a 'simple, black case' or whatever. I've been providing blings to iPhone since the very first one was released in.... 2007! (OH MY GOD).  We use to do mostly custom works then, which priced between 300 - 1500 Euro. Our pre-blinged products were always sold out at Selfridges in London. At one point all those blings became too much and I wanted to do something different - this is how I started to work on designing something simple... cases many people could afford to buy. And the SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION was born. Yes, a subtle amount of crystals can create something beautiful, too. We continued to work on the R&D and came up with a unique case design which holds crystals so well that they don't come off at all from normal, everyday use. The crystals will be literally embedded onto the ultra-clear hard case. They look amazing on any color and of course, you can still see the Apple logo and it is not blocking it either. However, I could not just abandon bling-victims who would not be satisfied with a little bit of sparkles! So I created the Extravaganza Collection, which became very popular in many countries. What is new for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? Well, check these out. From the SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL Collection, I am proud to present Milky Way (our most popular collection for years), Papillon (new form with the butterfly SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, a bit more playful than the iPhone 5 version), Wish (new design using tiny crystals and star SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! so cute!!!) and Casino Series (I just needed to use this little Bowtie SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, inspired by tuxedo...).

iPhone 6 Plus Swarovski Case   iPhone 6 Swarovski Case

I think women look super sexy in tuxedo, don't you think? Rihanna looks fab..... oh, don't forget Carrie Bradshaw from the film Sex and The City 2!


We also came up with completely new ideas, combining various materials to create something special. With a black faux leather in the background, we combined SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, metal studs and beautiful embroidery: Métallique and Petite Couturière Collections.

Black iPhone 6 Plus Case

For this coming season, bold floral patterns against black are a key fashion trend (!

Our Extravaganza Collection for iPhone 6 looks slightly different from what we have for iPhone 5. We embedded a piece of metal emblem at the bottom of the case. Crystals are still SS16 (4mm) and looking ever so sparkly. We are also introducing Indian Pink for pink lovers. This color is a lot more special than Rose or Fuchsia... it is very refreshing and HOT HOT HOT! Extravaganza for iPhone 6 Plus will be released SOON so stay tuned, ladies! It will be a bit different than the 4.7 model....!

My absolutely favourite collection for iPhone 6 is.... VOGUE COLLECTION. It has 530 tiny SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, all hand-applied. Each crystal is placed into a tiny crystal setting and adhered using our custom glue to ensure longevity of crystals. I even made gradation editions and they look fantastic! My favourite is the Aurore Boreale gradations called Brilliant Prism, which uses Peridot AB, Jonquil AB and Light Rose AB. No other Swarovski case manufacturers pour so much effort like we do! Why? Because WE JUST LOVE WHAT WE DO!!!

Next week I will write about our new Brand, AYANO. This is the 'sister brand' of Bling My Thing and there are some very interesting cases! Stay tuned! In case you haven't, like us on Facebook!   We will be doing lots of promotions on our page in the coming months.... don't miss them! Sparkly yours, Ayano aka MOAB (Mother of All Blings) ❤ ❤ ❤

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