Getting To Know The Mosaic Stylish iPhone Cases

Our beloved Mosaic cases have an elusive, shimmering effect when viewed from different angles. Each of the mosaic tiles reflect light differently causing a very desirable texture to look at. It's certainly eye-catching yet not so in your face. Just moving the case a little from side to side makes it look like it's animated. The case is very thin - 0.55mm to be exact. So it doesn't even feel like a cumbersome case to snap onto your phone. The translucent property allows your phone to shine through showing the Apple logo.

The MOSAIC cases come in three different colours for the iPhone 5: Ice - Has a frosty look to it and gives the phone that chilled element. Cool to look at Cappuccino - Gives the stylish iPhone cases that elusive/mysterious look. Sophisticated Sakura - The pink really has that feminine touch and the sides seem to shine brighter

Stylish iPhone Cases

There is an anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch finish on the cases ensuring that it'll outlast and outshine many other cases for a long while.

Stylish iPhone Case

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