How Materials & Coating Matter In Choosing Best iPhone Cases

More often than not, it's the aesthetic value of an iPhone case that we use in deciding whether or not we'll purchase it. It's all about the design to the point that we sometimes neglect the importance of its quality and overall durability--or even just how much it can protect our iPhone as well. But just how important are the materials and coating of a smartphone case and what do we need to look for in choosing a suitable casing? It's very relevant to familiarize yourself with the most common types of materials and coating that make for a premium iPhone case, which would prove to be helpful the next time you invest in one. Materials TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) 

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TPU is somewhere between a hard plastic and soft silicone, and also known as soft, jelly casing. The beauty of a TPU casing lies in its softness and flexibility, making for a durable bumper for iPhones. Its main functionality lies heavily on being able to protect a smartphone with its rubber-like texture and material. It has good shock absorption and impact resistance, which bodes well even when the phone is accidentally dropped.

However, one of the downside of a TPU case is how it turns yellowish over time. It's just in the nature of this kind of material, in addition to the fact that it's rather hard to create a crystal clear TPU case as well.

PC (Polycarbonate) If you're looking for a much clearer type of material than TPU, then PC would be the better choice. PC is also a kind of plastic, like the TPU, but is its complete opposite due to its hardness and non-flexible properties. Because of this, PC is deemed as the strongest type of plastic available and is also among the most expensive. The Ayano 'Mosaic' collection is a great example of transparent iPhone cases that are made of high-grade PC material. It is clearer, harder, and a whole lot durable. ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is also a kind of hard plastic. However, it is a much cheaper than PC since it's not as durable and sturdy. Hybrid (TPU + PC)

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The combination of a TPU and PC casing, such as the Bling My Thing 'Expression' collection, fuses together its best assets together in one design. With the Expression best iPhone cases, the back part uses a very thin (0.04mm) PC material, while TPU is utilised for the side/bumper--making this very flexible yet highly durable. The bumper is obviously opaque as the back is crystal clear. Having a hybrid case such as this one guarantees better protection from accidental drops, sharp edges, dirt, smears, and also provides a chic aesthetic value as well. Coating UV Coating

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UV Coating is among the most essential aspects of a reliable smartphone case. But what does it exactly do? First and foremost, it lends beneficial properties that protects your phone and case and preserves its polished and smooth finish. Such properties include wear or scratch resistance, anti-fogging, and even glare reduction. This limits the chances of your case having scratches whenever it comes close to a sharp-edged objects. The Bling My Thing 'Wish' best iPhone cases have quality UV coating, which keeps it safe from unwanted marks. Anti-Smudge When it comes to casing pet peeves, don't think you're alone whenever it bugs you that you have dirt and fingerprint marks on your smartphone custom case. This is where the anti-smudge coating comes in, in order to prevent those unwanted smears and keep your case smooth, clean, and as slick-looking like it's brand new. At the end of the day, it's all about making a worthy investment when it comes to choosing a suitable case for your iPhone. Decide which qualities you want to prioritize more and look into what material or coating it would best match.

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