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How To Choose a Sleek, Slim Clear Hard Case For Your iPhone 6

by Ayano Kimura March 25, 2015

Have you ever felt uncomfortable using a bulky iPhone 6 case? While some cases are meant to look sleek and modern, there are plenty of mobile cases in the market which can easily break and damage your device. With most recent release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, plenty of users are looking for the perfect hard case to protect their expensive device from drops, cracks, and even bending. When it comes to choosing the perfect hard case, there are some important aspects to keep in mind before trusting a case to keep your new device safe. The best type of case to purchase are hard shell iPhone cases, plastic cases that are too thin are found to be the least sturdy against cracks.

Iphone 6 hard cases Iphone 6 clear cases

Choosing the Best iPhone Case Against Damage

Hard shell cases come in a variety of fashionable and trendy designs. While there are plenty in the market that prevent your expensive device from scratches, dents and dings from daily usage- some of the thinnest 0.3mm cases can break easily. These thin and sleek cases that measure 0.3mm in thickness are known to crack under the slightest weight and pressure. The flexible cases are useful against slight scratches on the surface instead of protecting against damage caused by a hard fall.

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Why Choose Clear Hard Cases?

If you love to show off your phone's sleek design, completely clear cases are the perfect option to stay looking trendy and chic. Clear cases do not cause the device to become overly bulky as most cases do so you can stay looking fashionable with a protective clear case. While most transparent cases are just plain in design, adding a touch of glam with Crystal iPhone cases will easily give your phone a whole new appearance. Crystal cases come in a variety of different designs to personalize your device's look.

iphone 6 clear cases

Tips to Choose a Thin and Durable iPhone 6 Case The iPhone 6 is obviously a delicate and very thin mobile design, it's noted to being the thinnest device currently in the market. While most users choose to purchase a cheaper case that add a lot of weight and bulkiness, some like to go for an ultra-thin iPhone 6 case. A slim and ultra-sleek iPhone 6 case will show off your new device while also preventing against unwanted damage. When choosing a case, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Some users complain about using plastic hard shells iPhone cases that are not durable and long-wearing. With a high quality case you can protect your power ports and connectors against liquid spills and the gradual buildup of dirt and debris under the case.
  • Your case should be at least 0.4mm thickness while still maintaining a thin appeal. The weight will protect your iPhone from the toughest drops.
  • Always choose a snap-on case which will help cover the back of your device. The raised-front bumper will help to protect the screen from drops.
  • Easy to access buttons and ports is important for all cases. Hard cases with cutouts perfect for the device will make it user-friendly.
Iphone 6 sleek cases

Best Sleek & Slim Clear Hard iPhone 6 Cases

The top Premium iPhone cases that will not only protect your multi-hundred dollar device but also give it a new trendy appearance.

Clear Case with a Twist- AYANO Mosaic Collection

beautiful Cases for iPhone 6

With a unique translucent finish with tiny cubic patterns etched across the surface- the Slim, Translucent Mosaic Hard Case By Ayano is sleek and protective to spice up to your device. Made out of scratch and smudge resistant high grade polycarbonate for a durable and protective case.

Available Colors:

  • Mosaic Ice (White)

  • Mosaic Cappuccino (Brown)

  • Mosaic Sakura (Pink)

Minimalist Ultra-Clear Cases- AYANO Motoki Collection

ultra clear case for iphone 6

A durable yet sleek Ultra-Clear, Hard Case from the Minimalistic Motoki Collection By Ayano is made out of high-grade polycarbonate which makes the case extra durable. It's ultra clear with a few color choices with a anti-scratch coating to protect your device.

Available Colors:

  • Pink

  • Ultra Clear

  • Tinted Grey

Elegant Clear Case with Simple is Beautiful Collection

jeweled iphone cases

Add a touch of class with Simple is Beautiful Collection Jeweled iPhone cases, a great way to protect your iPhone from the accidental bumps and scratching with its anti-scratch coating while still showing off the Apple logo. The Sparkly Swarovski® Crystals add an essential accent to the hard case cover perfect for everyday use. Each crystal is beautifully placed individually to ensure excellent hold.


  • Milky Way Series

  • Papillon Series

  • Casino Series

  • Wish Series

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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