If I could change my name...

Today I read an article about a teenage boy from England, who just changed his name to "Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk And The Flash Combined".  What an awesome name...! If I could change my name, it would be something like "Ayano Also Known As The Mother of All Blings Who Just Wants To Make The World The More Sparkly Place". How wicked would it be! I was thinking, it would be a nightmareif he wanted to order some bling from us with his initials, then it would be CFFTSSBWTHATFCG...  Then I would say.... "could you consider just using your first name, "Captain"? In Japan nobody has a second name. There is just one name so it is very simple. I really do not understand the point of having more than one name.... although, I always dreamt of having an English middle name when I was a little girl :) I envied my friends from Hong Kong who could just have English names... once I even met a girl who was called "Milk"!  I just worked on an iPhone case with the coolest initials, which is A.A.A. Amna is a young, talented professional photographer from Qatar, and wow, it look amazing. A is also my initial & favourite alphabet so when I received a request from her, I felt jealous - wow, this person has 3 of my initials! So cool! Never thought that 3 of the same initials can be so vivrant!  


All Rights Reserved © Amna A. Al-Thani  This was the first time we used the new colour "Indian Pink". Amna wanted to have her initials AAA on the background of Ruby to go on the iPhone case... but since this design comes in a gradation, we needed to come up with another colour. The choice was either this Indian Pink or Burgundy. The latter would have made the whole design more subtle and darker, so she went for the first colour to go with Ruby. It was the most amazing colour combination we have ever seen! We have seen a plenty of "pink" combinations so going for such a new combination was very refreshing for us.  So thank you Amna for giving us the inspiration, and now we have discovered the charm of Indian Pink... !  Soon I would love to try three colour gradation. Burgundy, Ruby to Indian Pink. I think it would be very beautiful. I love A. Especially if it is not symmetric. It has more interesting character than any other round initials.  For me "A" is confidence, self-conscious and know where it stands! lol, it is just an alphatbet but hey, I am attached to it! Sparkly yours, MOAB x

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