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In Depth with the iPhone Leather Cases

by Ayano Kimura September 13, 2013

If you are using a genuine iPhone leather cases for the first time, you may come across certain unfamiliar things to deal with. We're here to help you fit into your newly bought case ASAP. Initially, the card slot on the left side of the case can be a little tricky when trying to slide in your credit cards etc. Rest assured, our machines have cut this size precisely how it was intended. It will be hard to get the credit cards in at first, however the desirable characteristics of leather will soon give way and allow it to glide in and out with ease. This allows the card slot to hug the cards in place ensuring nothing falls out unintentionally. Another tidbit that many notice at the beginning is that the case appears to be more open than you would like. This is because the case is brand new and takes a couple of weeks before it will mould into shape. Pictured below are two cases used just a couple of weeks apart. The black one is already getting into a more 'closed' shape simply from continued usage.

iPhone leather cases 

Lastly, here's a little tip for those that want to place the phone perfectly onto the Magic Pad. Just make sure the phone lines up with the stitching of the iPhone leather cases as you are placing it on. Right before you press hard against the phone to the Magic Pad, make sure to turn it around and check the camera is centred at the back. And that's it! Magic Pad will keep your phone glued to the case as long as you want it to be.

leather cases iPhone 

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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