Interviews, interviews, interviews...TIME, Reuters, NHK... They all want us :)


Finally an article about us was published in the TIME magazine with a stunning picture of a BMW motorbike blinged with Swarovski crystals.,9171,1841866,00.html  We have had many press coverages but TIME? We were so proud of ourselves to be in such an international magazine! Yay!  Even Reuters reacted to Yasmin's article in TIME and they came to film us early this week. It was a fun interview although doing an interview both in German and English was really strange. I think my brain thinks and works differently when I am in a certain language mode. Joanna, the journalist, asked me the same questions in both languages, and I had completely different answers. Amazing. I wonder what I would have said in Japanese? Talking of Japan, we also appeared in the largest national TV channel in Japan (NHK) - the whole thing was about us introducing the Japanese "deko-den" culture to Europe and being successful blah blah blah, but it was amazing because they gave something like 10 minutes for it. It is a big deal - sounds very short, but it is a damn good coverage! Shame, I haven't had a chance to see it yet!!! I hope they can send us the DVD soon... I am soooooooooooooo curious because they are the only one so far who has filmed our cadillac in action! Oh, few weeks ago I was also interviewed by a radio DJ in Ireland - is the website for this station, The Spin. My first live radio interview. It was fun! Actually both Reuters and the Spin wanted to know, what the weirdest objects we have ever blinged. For Reuters, it was the electric screw driver from Bosch. For the Spin, the vibrator! Well, I know where and how I should behave :) When I find some time, I will post another thread solely dedicated to these precious little toys, but for now, it's time to say... LATER! got to get some beauty sleep :)

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