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iOS9 Is Here!

by Ayano Kimura September 17, 2015

Image from ibtimes.comWhile you guys are frantically downloading the update from Apple's servers (which no doubt is getting hammered worldwide), here are some notable changes:
  • It works on anything that iOS 8 was on
  • Siri has been improved immensely
    • 40% faster
    • You can ask for photos based on dates, locations and albumsImage from
    • It can even do searches based on Faces - if you've set it up through Photos App on OS X
    • Reminders can be set by saying "remind me about this", "remind me at 3pm", "remind me when I leave home"
  • Notes now can include checklists, style the text, add photos & maps, and even sketch right on the screen
  • Maps now gives transit directions for some major citiesImage from iMore
  • News is all in one app and gathers information from a range of RSS feeds

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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