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iPhone 6 Plus Case Protection #BendGate #BendGhazi Meets Skinny Fashion trend

by Ayano Kimura September 25, 2014

Robin Givhan from Washington Post recently wrote an interesting article about the fashion trend of ever-shrinking pants for men. In the early 2000s, the trend started with Gucci, then it was followed by others like Dior Homme and Prada. All the sudden, the fashion-conscious men were expected to wear skinny, tight pants - never mind if they feel comfortable or not. The male fashion trend moves slowly so god knows how long it will take to restore this trend... but now, iPhone fans must think twice, whether they should be wearing aggressively tailored pants!

A new hashtag #BendGate or #BendGhazi in Twitter has emerged after fans started to report on bent iPhone 6 Plus. Over 16,000 Tweets at last count. What is happening?


So - these people put the iPhone 6 Plus in their pockets and.... sat down. For a long time. .......Really??? Isn't that..... your fault!? However, the victims of #BendGate do not think so.

But you know what? #BendGate has happened to other phones in the past, according to Cult of Mac. iPhone 5! Oh my god.

Oppo! (who cares)

BlackBerry Q10 (again, who cares)

HTC EVO (I really don't want to know what exactly happened to this poor phone!)

iPhone 4s! (ohhhh! #BabyBendGate!)

iPhone 5S! (surely)

Lumia 925! (this, too!)

Samsung Galaxy S4! (... so it happens to all the phones these days)

Sony Xperia Z1 (ok, enough images....)

So... to sum up: JUST DON'T SIT ON IT! And of course, get yourself a good and iPhone 6 Plus case protection from any harm! Here are some tips how to find a good case for your iPhone 6 Plus. When you buy a protective case made of, say, polycarbonate (offers great protection but they still look sleek), be sure to get a case with a bridge over the buttons because this makes it more stable. Without it, the case itself tends to get bent, too. Our cases don't have this problem because we designed all our cases with the bridge over any holes like volume buttons etc. The thickness of the case itself is also important. We think that the case thickness between 1mm - 1.4mm, which we use for all of our cases, offers excellent protection, because they don't crack so easily. Super-thin one... well, you may as well wrap a paper around it. Take a look at this picture - sorry, this is a case for iPhone 6, not iPhone 6 Plus, but I just wanted to show you what I meant about the bridge. I am not saying that such protective cases would prevent from the device getting bent. But at least it would add extra rigidity, and make you realize sooner that your pockets are not really a good place for iPhone 6 Plus case protection to be!

iPhone 6 Plus Case Protection

Here are some GREAT online tips on how to resolve this problem. Here are my favorites :)

Sparkly yours, Ayano

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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