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iPhone 6S Rumors Mill: Possible Things to Expect From the New iPhone

by Ayano Kimura July 09, 2015

There's always so much hype awaiting for what Apple would come out with next, especially when it comes to the iPhone. It is said that the next keynote and launch date would happen in September 11, officially debuting the iPhone 6S rumors that's said to be made available by September 18.

iPhone 6S Rumors

Rumours are flying abound and based on all the news that's been circulating, here are some of what we could possibly expect from the next iPhone model: Size, Display, & Material Perhaps Apple is looking to avoid all the "bendgate" issues by having a much tougher case made of 7000 Series aluminum. There's also word that there will be two versions of the iPhone 6S, pretty much how it goes with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But while there are no confirmations about that just yet, one of the widely reported news about its size is the increase in thickness, reaching to 7.1mm. This is pretty much the same thickness as the iPhone 6 Plus, and the increase is said to be because of the new material as well as added features. Also expect to have a higher definition display, which sounds about just right with the slightly bigger height and thickness. This also comes as no surprise since having higher displays is one of the main improvements Apple always presents with every new model of their products. Camera According to a document allegedly leaked by a Foxconn employee, the new iPhone is also rumoured to have a new 12-megapixel camera. The front camera will also receive a very generous upgrade from a 1.2-megapixel sensor to a 5-megapixel sensor. This camera would definitely shed a whole new light on taking selfies, perhaps completely eliminating the need for digital cameras and even GoPros. 'Force Touch' Feature Among the most talked about rumours is the 'Force Touch' features that's said to be "confirmed" to come with the iPhone 6S. Even Bloomberg has reported that Apple has already started the production of the new iPhone with the Force Touch feature. This technology has already been integrated into the MacBook Pro and new MacBook trackpads, as well as the Apple Watch, letting users take on a new dimension of controls using the pressure sensitive tech. While this new feature may take some time getting used to for iPhone aficionados, it certainly sounds like the "it" feature to watch out for and probably be among the main selling points with the launch of iPhone 6S. New Color Apple is on a roll with their recent gold releases and it seems like they're looking to add one more with the rumoured addition of a rose gold iPhone. Definitely something to consider for those who love a soft touch of elegance and luxury. So what do you think so far? It does look as though iPhone 6S is looking oh-so enticing, especially for owners of iPhone 5/5S looking for a much-needed level up. We're certainly looking forward to the launch and we can't wait to offer you new fabulous cases for your iPhone 6S! Source: macrumors; 9to5mac; cultofmac: 1/2/3/4

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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