iPhone Leather Wallet Collection Spotlight: Primo (Dark Knight & Papillon Series)

A cut above the rest, Bling My Thing's Primo collection prides itself in providing the middle ground where high fashion meets practical function.

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For starters, the Primo collection comprises of a flip-style case made off textured PU iphone leather cases and microfibre interior. Much like the rest of our other cases, it's also embedded with Swarovski® crystals that ensures a more durable and lasting design. In order to balance out the roughness of the leather material, the Swarovski® crystals clearly add more character and unique touch to these flip cases that are meant to suit women's different styles.

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As for functionality, the Primo Collection Cases definitely lead the pack with its versatility. On the inside of this flip-style case, you can find card slots and money pocket, making this iPhone leather cases as good as your wallet and more. Not only that, but you can also instantly turn this case into a hands-free horizontal stand for your iPhone leather wallet as you watch videos, surf the web, text, video call, and other whatnot. With the launch of this collection under Bling My Thing comes two major design series that are sure to meet the varying tastes and preferences of our style-savvy clientele. Take a look at what the Dark Knight and Papillon series are all about and see which of these would be more fitting to your personal flair:

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Dark Knight Series Utterly sleek and ultimately refined, the Dark Knight series from the Primo Collection is perfect for those with a preference for edgy-minimalist designs. It easily achieves the perfect balance between having a professional and luxurious look with its use of Swarovski® crystals (Crystal Golden Shadow and Crystal Silver Night) and antique metal studs (gold and gunmetal). Although this may be a slight departure from our signature feminine and quirky designs, the Dark Knight series still highly speak of our commitment to providing women with a wide range of options that would be suitable to specific personal styles--that style being polished, sophisticated, and with a hint of modern edge.

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Papillon Series While the Dark Knight series held more edge, the Papillon series is all about the sass and class. Set against the textured leather case is an array of semi swirls of Swarovski® crystals cases (Crystal, Pink Mix, and Cotton Candy) that's topped with a Butterfly crystal from Swarovski® cases, which is reminiscent of the light and uplifting vibe of spring/summer season. The Papillon series addresses the tastes of women with a preference for all things girly and charming with regards to their accessories, but at the same time maintain a certain air of professionalism and sophistication. It's definitely a perfect complement for the fun-loving and sassy modern lady. Seeing how it puts together chic fashion sense and a high regard for functionality, these cases from the Primo lineup is definitely a must-have for everyday use. Women with a more contemporary approach would definitely appreciate the usefulness and aesthetic appeal of the Primo collection case.

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