Leather Lover Guide: Best Leather Cases for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

Slick, luxurious, classic, edgy--all of these words come to mind when we think of leather, the one trend that we just couldn't get enough of regardless of the turn of the seasons. There's just this undeniable allure that comes with leather and for all of you leather lovers out there, we've got the very best of what Bling My Thing has to offer with this well-beloved trend. Métallique Collection Elegance with a hint of "badass" vibes, the Métallique Collection is a fabulous choice for women who have a more contemporary and chic take on everyday style. It comes in four variations both leather cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Cosmic Storm, Solar Flare, Polar Blizzard, and Meteor Shower.

iPhone Leather Cases

What truly makes the Métallique case stand out even more is how it perfectly combines subtle sophistication with just the right amount of glam. Its matte casing made of durable PU leather is embellished with metallic studs and Swarovski® Crystals--exemplifying Bling My Thing's excellent craftsmanship and design.

Leather cases iPhone 6 plus

If you're a leather lover who's more inclined for something edgy and elegant at the same time, then the Métallique Collection would be the best choice for you.

Primo Collection Another great thing about leather is how it can look very polished and professional as it is stylish as well. And we do aim to cater to women's varying tastes and lifestyles, hence our Primo Collection, which is a great case for working and business-oriented women of today. It's currently available in two colors--Primo Nero and Primo Blanco--and one of the special cases that puts together style and functionality all in one sleek package.

Leather Cases for iPhone 6

The Primo case is one of Bling My Thing's flip cases that's also made of quality PU leather, which you can easily convert into a horizontal stand--making it much easier for you to watch videos, video chat, and so much more. It also has a protective screen viewer so you can check the time and other notifications without having to flip it open. And another great feature? It also has a touch-sensitive sliding bar outside that you could use to answer calls or unlock the phone before opening the case.

Leather Cases for iPhone 6 Plus

This leather case is the answer for women looking for a more mature and professional-looking take on fashion--also befitting those who are on-the-go and needing stylish and functional leather cases for iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus.

Primo Papillon Collection

Of course, we can't have flip cases without adding the signature Bling My Thing sass using Swarovski® Crystals--hence, the Primo Papillon Collection. It also makes use of black textured faux leather material, but it's all decked out with embellishments that create a fun and flirty finish.

Best Leather Cases for iPhone 6 Plus

It's available in three color varieties--Crystal, Pink Mix, and Cotton Candy--that would surely tickle your fancy. And how could it not? Besides the use of Swarovski® crystals arranged in lovely swirls, it also features a Butterfly crystal from Swarovski® as well. It's definitely a great match for women looking for sassy style and utmost functionality.

Primo Dark Knight Collection

Leather can also be very edgy and daunting, to say the least. For women who are after a bit of grunge and cutting-edge style, we have the Primo Dark Knight Collection, which comes in silver and gold colors.

Best Leather Cases for iPhone 6 Plus

The Primo Dark Knight features an alignment of Swarovski® crystals and metallic studs embedded onto the textured PU leather material. It's simple, straight to the point, and utterly edgy and elegant both at the same time--a true gem for the fashion-forward woman.

Petite Couturière Collection Feminine with a hipster twist? The Petite Couturière Collection is the right case for you to grab to satisfy your leather craving. It features an intricate Japanese-inspired floral design that's meticulously embroidered into the matte leather casing. Available in three color variations--Flora Elegance, Flora Vivacity, and Flora Sophistication--this case is a chic alternative choice that speaks of utter femininity and hip styles.

iPhone 6 Leather Case

Besides the gorgeous floral embroidery on its textured PU leather casing, it also features Swarovski® Crystals in the middle of each flower design as well. It's also durable and has a sleek matte finish that would truly cater to your leather fascination.

iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case

If hipster-chic with the right dose of femininity is your thing, then the Petite Couturière Flora Series would be the ultimate companion for your everyday style.

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