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MacBook Air - blinged with 24k coated Swarovski Crystals!

by Ayano Kimura February 29, 2008

Since we do not like anything ordinary, we came up with this amazing design called "Golden Age". MacBook Air looks fabulous - and it will be presented at CeBIT next week! If you are visiting, come to our stand in Hall 16, G01. We will be presenting many other objects which have never been presented before. The design is inspired by the traditional Japanese pattern and it is crystallised with over 12,000 crystals, each of them applied with hand. Only 20 pieces of this design will be available on MacBook Air at the price of 20,000 pounds. Reserve now! There is another fact which makes this piece of art truly unique: each of these transparent Swarovski crystal is coated with 24k gold underneath. What does it mean? It means, what you see is the true colour of gold, and it sparkles, too. Swarovski offers special crystals called Crystal Aurum but it is mat, because it is coated with 18k gold at the top. Although it is beautiful, the surface is easily scratched compared to our crystals. We are happy to announce that we are able to offer these special crystals to our customers now. For more information, contact us at by Mother of All Blings

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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