Magic Pad vs. Hardcase Attachments

For our iPhone leather cases we offer two outstanding choices to attach your beloved mobile device to. It all depends on if you're looking for something innovative or if you'd like to stick to what you're already accustomed to and grown to love.


Magic Pad

There's our newly introduced Magic Pad that adheres your smartphone to our premium leather cases without any fear of coming loose. The Magic Pad is ultra slim and therefore allows the iPhone or Galaxy to stick seamlessly to the case, it'll impress your friends and simply works like magic! The sticky adhesive lasts for a very long time and can constantly be reused/readjusted to suit your needs. If it ever gets dirty, cleaning is as simple as taking a damp cloth and brushing the dirt away. Even though the stickiness holds the phone ever-so tightly, it's also amazing easy to detach your phone by prying it away in seconds.iPhone leather cases


The hardcase is for those that are used to the traditional way mobile devices are attached to flip cases. It gives that solid feel and provides extra protection from drops. There's great coverage of the phone and provides access to all ports and buttons on the sides so you'll never have to take the phone off from the case. It's attached directly onto the leather case and feels super secure.

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