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Making Of

by Ayano Kimura January 24, 2013

Here's a little insight as to how came to be...

We photographed/filmed the models at the Bling My Thing offices at first[/caption] We went to great lengths to plan and create the Ayano by Ayano Kimura mini-site. It all started with an idea to make a story between two girls who are completely different in terms of their personalities and where they are currently in life. Then, because of their similar great tastes, they randomly run into each other in a public setting and hit it off. Our initial sketches were pretty comical, but they got the job done and we got our story board down real quick.

A couple of days later we had the models sorted, the location set and the equipment ready. And then make up began. We've used the lovely David before. So it was natural we used him again for this campaign. He also got to double as one of the main characters in the plot!

We then jetted off to the Blue Sky bar at the Centara Grand just before rush hour hit and while the sun was making its way down. There were a few hotel guests / bar customers scattered around already before we got there, so we had to work fast and try to not get in the way of their daily operations.


After we had set up the lights and got the props ready, it was smooth sailing from there and the shots were pulled off quickly. Luckily there was not much interference even though we shot at opening hours. Our graphic designer - Keng - also got to make a cameo appearance as the bodyguard that drags Azusa's character out of the bar area :p Make sure to check out the whole story on the Ayano Kimura website!

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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