Mastering The Art Of iPhone Bling Case!

U-Bling! was recently featured in Japanese magazine "Steady" with a celebrity who made the design herself. We decided to re-create the hearts and show you some tips and tricks along the way.


*Please note: We decided to make the bottom right heart pink instead of red like the magazine. Here are some tips for you first-time iPhone Bling cases ! users. It can be tricky at times when you are applying the Sheet over your design, so we've taken the liberty to help guide you through the trouble-spots:

  1. It is advisable to check the POPS are in place by taking a look from different angles and seeing whether they are sitting in their holes properly. Sometimes they do not sit vertically straight but may appear so if only looking from above. If the POPS are the same colour as the case / Sheet it is easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled. iPhone Bling cases iPhone Bling case
  2. Sometimes the POPS may jump and twist when the Sheet is clicked on over the top simply because of the vibration from the contact. We suggest using the tip of the tweezers or even your fingernail to flip the POP while the Sheet is still on and it’ll turn and fit into the hole!   Bling cases
  3. Certain POPS may have minor plastic residue attached from the manufacturing process. These imperfections can be snipped off simply by using nail clippers or possibly sanded down with a nail filer.
  4. It is best practice to come up with a simple design at first. That way you will get to try snap on the Sheet and get a feel of it, ready for the more complex design later. You will get used to the snapping of the Sheet to the case.
  5. A quick tip is to flip the case over when the Sheet is placed over the POPS and press the case onto the Sheet from the opposite side. This will make sure the POPS are fit snugly Bling case
So there you have it. Little things to prepare and lookout for when you are ready to make your design come to life. Make sure you play around with the online U-Bling! App and get those design juices flowing (also available for the iPad & iPhone).

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