Must Have iPhone Cases For Every Savvy Business Woman

There's a certain discerning style that comes along with being a go-getting, accomplished, and savvy business woman. They're not necessarily into the current trends that mostly concern the youth and they're not entirely into vintage and classic-looking pieces as well. They're somewhere in between, and here at Bling My Thing, we perfectly understand where their true style lies.

iPhone 6 case women

Going to work everyday, lunch meetings, coffee dates, night outs in the city--these are just some aspects of the work-life balance that only savvy business women understand. And of course, they have to have the right accessories like mobile cases would match their busy lifestyle, while keeping their style oh-so chic and on point. We've narrowed down our top recommendations for the stylishly modern woman on-the-go and here are our top three picks that combines mature taste with the right dose of elegance and functionality: Casino


iPhone 6 Plus women

iphone 6 crystal case

The Bling My Thing Casino case for your iPhone is available in Mirage and Cosmopolitan--is the perfect blend of minimalist and chic style. It showcases a sassy twist to dapper style, featuring a Bowtie Crystal from Swarovski® and 4 round crystals that resemble buttons.

This case is a great match for women who want a simple, no-fuss casing for their iPhone that still has a bit of character and charm. Of course, this case goes beyond just looking chic. It's made of highly durable polycarbonate that has anti-scratch properties, while keeping your phone safe and secure.

Primo - Blanco

iphone 6 plus leather case

Functional as it is super sleek and posh--the Ayano Primo Case in Blanco for iPhone 6 case women is the perfect companion for women who relate to having an organized and well put-together lifestyle. Its clean and slim case silhouette lends to a contemporary yet sophisticated aesthetic, suitable for women with a posh yet straightforward and uncomplicated taste.

It features a flip faux leather case, which has a protective screen viewer so you could easily see the time and important notifications without having to flip it open. Not only that, but it also a touch-sensitive sliding bar to answer calls or unlock also without needing to open it. And lastly, this smooth faux-leather case can also be used as a horizontal stand for watching videos, video chatting, or surfing the web hands free.


iphone 6 leather case

iphone 6 wallet

Our Primo Papillon Crystal case for iPhone 6 plus is a favorite among savvy corporate-chic women, who love to infuse their feminine sass and professional vibe altogether. And how could they not fall in love with this fabulous case? It presents a sleek textured faux leather flip case with a Butterfly crystal from Swarovski®, as well as Swarovski® crystals arranged in a curved and swirly pattern.

It's indeed beautiful to behold and very practical to use thanks to its other features that includes slots for bank notes and cards. It can also be used as a horizontal stand to watch videos and other whatnot completely hands-free. Despite its slim design, it's guaranteed to protect the front and back of your iPhone, while keeping it utterly stylish all the time.

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