New showroom at Tempelhof Airport is open!

People may wonder, in what kind of place the miracle of blinging takes place... no, we do not produce overseas to save cost. It is all done right here in Berlin, Germany, by the throughly-trained designers. Here we are, this is how our office looks like.

So the time has come to move forward.... our old office, where Bling My Thing all started, became far too small for our successful operation :)  We were always interested in an old loft so we were looking around... and found THIS! This office is approx. 600 m2 and it has very high ceiling. Only thing was that there was nothing in it - everything was rather "raw" - everything had to be done! Thanks to Tobias, he came up with a plan and the rest was easy.... 3 months later, our office was done.It took us some months but finally it is done.  We have a Swarovski curtain, cool display space, bathroom showroom... what more can we ask for? The most amazing part is that it overlooks the Tempelhof Airport! Not that we are into plane-spotting, it is nice to have an open view from where you work.

 This logo is quite impressive if you look closely.... it is all blinged with Swarovski crystals!


It even has a relax room :)  Well, now we have a projector where we can play video games on a huge screen after work!  These are the guys who danced at our opening party in October. Detroit Jaxx - you guys are the best! Sparkly yours, Mother of All Blings

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