Our US Rep is Kellie DeFries from San Diego!

Are you from the States? Then let Kellie do her magic on your favorite items! Kellie DeFries Tel: +1 619 964 3482 kd@bling-my-thing.com   

* Kellie's signature flower design: shame that it's been copied everywhere...

 It is actually amazing how we met. We spontaneously found each other on eBay. She found my Xbox360 with Lara Croft and I found her Sidekick with a tree frog. I was so impressed by the way she played with colours... it was truly magical. It was really like the feeling that the lost twin sisters finally got together! Well we kept in touch, and last year we just came to an agreement that she would be responsible for the Bling My Thing creation in the US. We had her in our atelier to go through the training so that she could learn all of our designs. We've never had so much fun in our lives! We have a separate gallery of her work in our website so that you can go through what she has done. Her work is so original, it deserves her own place... you would be so surprised what she can come up with! We are sooooooooo lucky to have ya, Kellie! MOAB xxx [Biography] Kellie DeFries has been chosen to lead the Bling My Thing Team in the US in July 2007. In our eyes, Ms. DeFries is the only person in the US, who could deliver the BMT quality to our future customers in the new market. She also shares our philosophy that the work we produce is not a commodity but ART. Kellie DeFries is a graduate of McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA with a double B.A. in Ceramics and Graphic Design (1995). Her use of strong colors and simplicity of form has always been a concentration in the preferred technique of mosaics and pointillism. Her background in Graphic Design and southern roots are always an influence in her art. From the marshes of Louisiana to the ocean breezes of San Diego, she has taken in the images of her surroundings and enjoys every minute of every dot. Kellie specializes in creating designs that bring a smile to your face and happiness to your life for days to come. Kellie began using Swarovski flatback crystals around 2002 to accentuate some of her ceramic “DotSeries”, wedding invitation Tiles and continued on to using the fabulous medium in her wall sized Mosaic designs. Her previous Swarovski work is featured in many of the online galleries of CrystalIcing.com, for whom she was Chief Designer for almost 2 years. In February 2006, Kellie was awarded $2,000.00 and placement in the Swarovski Create-Your-Style Design Competition. Her entry piece titled, “LapTurtle”, a Laptop Computer completely embellished with in 2028 flatbacks with a design of a SeaTurtle and flowers, will travel with Swarovski to world renowned exhibitions and trade shows.

Kellie’s Mac Screen
Kellie’s signature flowers

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