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Pentax K-m digital SLR gets BLINGED!

by Ayano Kimura October 22, 2008

Before showing off with some fabulous photos of this new Pentax K-m digital SLR camera, let me explain how amazing this camera is! According to Pentax, this camera is specially designed for entry level digital SLR photographers. It is a simplified, user-friendly camera with compact and lightweight body. With our bling, this camera has reached the next level - while it takes you into the world of professional photography, it will certainly convert you into another BLING VICTIM!  ... I have a confession though: I had no idea what SLR meant! It stands for"single-lens reflex", and "it uses an automatic moving mirror system which permits the photographer to see exactly what willbe captured by the film or digital imaging system, as opposed to non-SLR cameras where the view through the viewfinder could be significantly different from what was captured on film". HUH? Let me simplify that for you. Basically these cameras take much better photos than our small compact digital cameras, AND it has more area to be blinged!  The latter is definitely the most important point - the more bling, the more sparkly the world would become! So ladies and gentlemen.... let us present you the new Pentax -m digital SLR camera with the BMT ornament design!


Ahhhhhhhhh! Look at that! A lot of effort went into creating this masterpiece... over 30 hours of hard work and thousands of crystals to fill the surface. The pattern is of course hand-painted prior to applying crystals. The colours we have used are: jet, light siam and crystal. Personally I would have used White Opal... The camera is not the only thing which is blinged. The belt is also blinged with the elegant swirl pattern with Jet Hermatite, one of the most exclusive coated crystals available from Swarovski. It is metallic black so it has a very subtle, shimmering effect. We are proud of this camera, and yes, really, we are looking forwaring to blinging more. Here is the video :)

Sparkly yours, MOAB x

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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