Retro style Swarovski bling for iPad - the fashionable transparent hard case for iPad owners

Following the success of its Simple is Beautiful Collection of cases for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, we have launched ESCAPE series of transparent protective case for iPad. The durable hard cases offer excellent protection to the iPad while keeping the sleek design of the iPad intact. Each case is coated with a special anti-scratch layer on which SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are carefully embedded into holes by skilled BMT craftsmen.

There are 4 colour combinations to choose from. Crystal Mix, Pink Mix (contains Light Rose, Rose and Fuchsi), Energy Mix (contains Light Topaz, Light Siam and Sun) and Blue Mix (contains Aquamarine, Capri Blue and Dark Indigo). This is our newest design - because iPad is so big, I needed to come up with a new design, which was a bit different from those on iPhones.The ESCAPE design covers the whole iPad well without interfering with the sleekness of iPad. My favourite colour combination is the Energy Mix - don't know why but it makes me happy! The front screen of the iPad will be also protected if you put the iPad on your desk while you show off your bling. This is because the outer frame of the case is slightly higher than the screen itself so it will never be touching the desk directly, if you know what I mean. And of course, all the ports are open, you can put your headphones and connecting cables without any problem.

Retail price: surprisingly affordable, 59.99 Euro!


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