Review of the Extravaganza Collection for iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Each year Apple unveils its newest technological advancement. With millions of dollars spent on research and development on the next mobile device, it's no wonder why we end up loving the new iPhone handsets even more than the previous models. With the launch and excitement over the latest iPhone 6 Plus cases, the bigger and better version of the iPhone 6, spending hundreds of dollars on the device will lead you to look for the best product protection on the market. Never will you find a iPhone 6 Plus user with a cheaply made mobile case. The latest iPhone 6 Plus cases calls for plenty of fashionistas looking for that perfect glitzy glam case to bling up their new mobile device. Look no further than with the Extravaganza Collection for iPhone 6 Plus Cases. With Bling My Thing's Extravaganza Collection, it will match the stunningly gorgeous housing design of the iPhone 6 Plus Cases. It should be a crime to use a cheaply made case for such a masterpiece of a device. The slim and sleek design of the iPhone 6 Plus cases are perfect for a collection of cases that offer a little weight to the device and prevent it from slipping out from your hands. With various designs from the Extravaganza collection, you can find each of them in stunning Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver cases to match your personality.

Silver Metallic Cases

  • Extravaganza Pure Silver
  • Extravaganza Pure Light Rose
  • Extravaganza Silver with Gold Heart
  • Extravaganza Silver with Pink Heart

Gold Metallic Case

  • Extravaganza Pure Gold
  • Extravaganza Pure Crystal
  • Extravaganza Gold with Crystal Heart
  • Extravaganza Gold with Pink Heart

No More Scratches! Sturdy Product Casing

With Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, it's 5.5-inch display and rounded sleek body has a very slippery feel when held. Even though Apple promises it's “ion-strengthened” glass, the slim device can potentially slip out from your hands and fall onto a hard surface. Why take the risk of damaging your iPhone 6 Plus? If you're looking for a heavy-duty protective case that shields your delicate iPhone 6 Plus against every-day hazards, the Extravaganza Collection is created with a hard case made from high-grade import PC to prevent scratches, dents, cracks and smudges on your device. The case will add a heavy, sturdy feel to your device that will not slips out of your hands. The slim lightweight case is comfortable with a soft surface embellished with 188 pieces of Swarovski Elements to give your iPhone 6 Plus a fashionable look while being protected. iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Extravaganza Collection vs. Ordinary Cases

Ever noticed how most ordinary iPhone cases created with artificial crystals often are missing pieces?  With poor quality iPhone cases, the cheap material and quality causes the crystals to come off easily. With Bling My Thing, our embedded SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals are the most luxury and prestige cases made especially for your iPhone 6 Plus. By using delicate Swarovski Elements, these sized crystals are embedded into the case instead of using cheap glue. By embedding each crystal, the high quality and durability is unbeatable compared to competitors. 

Luxury Meets Fashion

When selecting a iPhone 6 Plus case, it's important to consider the fashionable aspect of the design. Not only will you be sporting the case on a day to day basis, a durable and ultra sparkly case will look fabulous under any spotlight.

silver iphone 6 cases

The stunning metallic finish featured on the Extravaganza Collection uses a electroplating plus matte UV coating on top for a fully blinged out look perfect for a night out. You won't have to worry about the case becoming old or scratched up, the special UV coating seals in the metallic finish so it's scratch-resistant and smudge-resistant.  Who wants a stunning case to be filled with dents and missing crystals? With Bling My Thing's cases, its ultra durable and resistant to any damage.

swarovski iphone cases

With its ultra-stunning gold and silver metallic finish, the 188 pieces of intricately embedded Swarovski Elements SS20 cut brings you the most innovative and unique multilayer crystals cut in the market. The delicate shape and cut of the crystal allows more shine and sparkle to shine through. Each crystal is thoughtfully selected and carefully placed to create a unique shine and shimmer effect. The SS20 is 5mm in diameter for the most distinct glamorous look and one-of-a-kind appeal for any fashionista.

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