Some tips using our Flash Website

Since we introduced our super-duper Flash website, we realised that it also became slightly user-unfriendly... we have had some calls from our customers complaining that it does not work as well as our previous html website. Here are some tips if you encounter any problems: 1. Please be patient! If you never visited our website, it may take a while until it loads all the photos. We have MANY images so it may take a while if your internet connection is not so fast. Just leave it until something appears on the screen. Then it's time to navigate through our website! 2. Even during the navigation under the gallery, please give it some time until all the images are fully loaded. If you are impatient and keep on clicking on things, it may just hang there. 3. If you are the first time visitor and do not know how to go through our website, I recommend you to go through the gallery of "mobile phones", as you will see various designs categorised by themes. If you are more or less interested in the object you would like to bling, and want to see the example, then go directly to the product category (e.g. iPod, car accessories) then you will see all the examples. 4. Most importantly: if you want to go back to the previous page, DO NOT EVER CLICK "BACK" IN THE INTERNET BROWSER - that will take you all the way back to the start site. Please do not forget to navigation WITHIN the flash website. We want to stress that almost every design is transferable onto other object. Some may think that one design is only for a certain model, but it is not true! If you have any questions, just send us an enquiry and we will answer your questions immediately! If you have difficulties navigating our website, just give us a call or write an email at We can take your order manually, too. If we think of any other tips, I will be updating them soon. Sparkly yours, MOAB xxx

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