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SPLASH! hard case with a bit of bling for your iPod touch! made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

by Ayano Kimura January 06, 2011


So lately I've decided to design something funky for the 4G iPod touch, but of course with some bling, as always! I am still fulfilling my duty to make the world the more sparkly place :) In a way, this design was in my head for a while, but I didn't quite know how to implement it with some bling, and most importantly, ON WHAT. We already have the SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION for iPhone and iPad range so I thought, why not for iPod touch? I love the design a lot - each colour variation has a kick - being a pink-lover, of course I am in love with the combination of hot pink and turquoise colour. For this we embed Blue Zirkon, one of the most beautiful green/blue colour from Swarovski. These two colours have been always so vivid that girls would just go crazy....It's actually pretty interesting to observe who likes what colour combinations. Many like black/white variation, because they are 'guys' or whatever, but some love the toxic yellow colour on the black background, too, where 'citrine' crystals are embedded. But some are really drawn towards what we call the BLOOD case (white background with red splash) internally. Whether it is regarded as somewhat purely gothic or vampire loving by fans of True Blood, Vampire Diary etc, my interpretation of this particular design is 'love, pain & sacrifice' and I guess it has the strongest meaning in the whole collection. Actually the rest of the colour combination derived from this blood case. In any case, I find these spatter patterns truly exciting. No spatter looks the same - it is original, each has its own statement. I splashed paint (not blood!) on many pieces of papers until I got the ones I wanted. And believe me, it took many hours! The original artwork, as always :)  Yesterday I had a dream that Dexter Morgan was using this case. I would be honoured, if he did! And today, ladies and gentlemen, we are hitting the CES in Las Vegas for the first time! If you are here, come and visit us at our booth 3627  in! MOAB xoxo

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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