Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Admit it, there’s been times when you’ve dropped your mobile phone and that split second before you picked it up your heart has sunk to the floor. Most of the time the screen is probably going to be alright. But then there’s the other times where you probably won’t be so lucky. Once the screen shatters, you’re in all sorts of trouble. From missed calls and texts to getting it fixed at a ridiculous price – plus you also have to find an actual place that will replace it for you without ripping you off. It’s just better to protect the phone rather than fix it! We all have that friend that walks around with a shattered phone and hasn’t bothered to get it repaired. Don’t be that guy.

Glass Screen Protector

There are a few screen protectors brands scattered throughout, but I got my hands on the tempered glass screen protector from Bling My Thing and gave it a try on my beloved, yet vulnerable iPhone 6.

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Instructions were simple enough to follow and were included in the packaging itself. Naturally, installing it took a bit of careful maneuvering, but surprisingly the bubble-free promise on the back of the packaging was true to its word! The only trouble was aligning the screen protector on top of the phone which took a couple of tries, but apart from that, it was indeed hassle-free.

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Of course the first thing I tried was to scratch it with various things, such as keys, coins and even knives. None of which left any marks on the surface of the screen protector. It is also highly oleophobic (fingerprint-resistant)!

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One thing that really bothered me before was that some screen protectors made the touch surface dull and that meant that sometimes pressing and sliding fingers over the phone didn’t register as clicks. Not with this though. Everything worked just as it did without the screen protector, you barely notice it’s there.

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At just 0.33mm thick, the screen protector doesn’t add any noticeable difference to the phone, yet it covers all the usable areas of the touch screen. Bling My Thing's tempered glass screen protector can be found on their official website.

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