That's Hot! 'Sex Bomb' Fuchsia LCD TV for you, Paris Hilton!

We've blinged many LCD TVs before... but THIS, was by far the hottest piece we have ever worked on. It is amazing to see how strong Fuchsia crystals are! Simple designs can be so strong. I seriously thought of keeping it to myself!Paris Hilton came to Germany some days ago and this was a little surprise present for the heirness. I thought that Fuchsia and Jet combination would the best for a grown-up IT girl... I love Rose and Light Rose but they are rather... girly. I think Fuchsia has more personality and I just love it unconditionally.Shame that there wasn't much to bling apart from the frame of this stunning 40"LCD TV - over 14,000 CRYSTALLIZED TM - Swarovski Elements were used to complete this masterpiece.If I had this TV, I wouldn't use it to watch TV because it will surely distract me. Ideally it should rotate under a spotlight in the middle of my living room... ahhhhh it would be so cool!!!This TV would certainly make the world the more sparkly place :)

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