The most sleek iPhone cover collection for iPhone 3G 3Gs with CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements

We have been known as the company, who provides the most extravagant BLING designs to your gadgets. But now we are proud to present a collection "Simple is Beautiful" for iPhone 3G and 3G S mobile phones!These stunning cases display the luxury and wow factor of CRYSTALLIZED TM - Swarovski Elements yet are designed with great subtlety and elegance, providing that so often, "less is more".The collection features 5 designs: "Milky Way", "Diffusion", "Edge" and "Flower" which is in two variations. The range is totally unique on the market as designer Kimura explains. "There has been such a huge demand for mini bling on mobile phones and people absolutely love the sparkly effects of CRYSTALLIZED TM - Swarovski Elements but they just want a little bit on their gadget. The new "Simple is Beautiful" range offers just that. It is completely unique and exactly what peole have been looking for - a functional, thin, yet fashionable case to add some spice to your iPhone".Each case is transparent, super-sleek and paper thin measuring just 0.7mm in thickness. They are made from made from high quality durable and flexible plastic onto which the sparkles of CRYSTALLIZED TM - Swarovski Elements are carefully placed matching the simple, sleek design of the iPhone. The case fits perfectly on to all iPhone 3G including the new 3G S, with slots positioned on the camera, controls and opening area. These new "Simple is Beautiful" designs will transform your iPhone into one of the best looking phones around with just the right amount of sparkling luxury.These cases will be retailed between 19.99€ - 48.99€ in Europe, 29.99 USD - 68.99 USD in the US.For wholesale inquiries, please send us an email at

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