The sexiest car navigation system in the world :)

Garmin, the market leader in the GPS industry, is known for easy to use mobile navigation systems. Together Bling My Thing, they have released the sexiest car navigation systems in the market - nüvi 250 and nüvi 760 encrusted with CRYSTALLIZED (TM)- Swarovski Elements.nüvi 250 are crystallied with a combination of Light Rose & Crystal, whilst the model Nüvi 760 with elegant Black Diamond.I think they look wonderful! I had it in my car to see what it looks like, and wow, I really enjoyed being surrounded by sparkles while I was driving. A truly magical experience... completed charmed several drivers who were passing me by.Here are some technical information of the navigation systemsnüvi 250An entry-level PTA preloaded with maps for Europe. It features an easy-to-use colorful touch screen and ultra-slim design - perfect for everyday navigation.nüvi 760It has it all - advanced navigation features, a widescreen display, preloaded maps, an FM transmitter, hands-free calling, traffic alearts and more.  Like the rest of the wide nüvi 700 series, its premium navigation capabilities, like route planning and a handy locator, gives you peace of mind on the go It is also sunlight readable.Visit for more information.Sparkly yours,MOAB xoxo

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