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The Ultimate Hipster iPhone Cases for Fashionistas

by Ayano Kimura May 22, 2015

Hipster (hip·ster; /ˈhipstər/) -- noun; defined as a person who is usually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns (e.g. as in fashion). For the most part, the youth of today (a.k.a. the millennials) are heavily influenced by the hipster subculture. This subculture refers to having a strong preference for non-mainstream or alternative lifestyle--whether it pertains to food, music, fashion, and even political views, among many other aspects.

floral iphone 6 case

Flora Elegance for iPhone 6 with beautiful floral embroidery design with Swarovski® crystals on black, textured faux leather.[/caption] More often than not, a hipster is defined by one's choices in fashion. It's having a more unique taste that sets them apart from the mainstream crowd, and even having a rather organic, vintage, and Bohemian-inspired aesthetic. And here at Bling My Thing, we do understand that thirst for a more distinctive and individualistic style--and this is why we're bringing you the Bling My Thing Petite Couturière Collection for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Flora series is the first design series of the Petite Couturiere Collection by Bling My Thing.

So what sets these iPhone cases from our Petite Couturière Collection--and more importantly, what makes it the ultimate iPhone cases for hipster fashionistas? The main foundation of its exceptional beauty lies in its production--from the raw materials, to designing, and onto its execution through intricate embroidery.

Floral iPhone 6 Plus cases

The Petite Couturière collection easily stands out with its chic embroidery design. The Flora series is the first design series of the collection and features a Japanese-inspired floral design set against a faux leather material in matte black. It also has three gorgeous and exquisite hues: Flora Sophistication, Flora Vivacity, and Flora Elegance.

This design alone stands out from the rest of what Bling My Thing has to offer. Instead of heavily relying on Swarovski® Crystals as its main design component, the intricate embroidery takes centerstage with this collection and added with lesser hints of Swarovski® Crystals. The case itself is made from durable polycarbonate that provides quality protection for your iPhone, alongside its anti-scratch surface.

The Flora series from our Petite Couturière Collection is a perfect match for hipster iPhone cases for fashionistas looking for a more individualistic casing for their iPhones. The sophisticated chic combination of embroidery injected with Swarovski® Crystals makes for a beautiful alternative to common iPhone case designs that are sold in the market today.

Ayano Kimura
Ayano Kimura


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